Tuesday, April 5, 2011

photoshoot with maniscinta ;)

Its a prompt photoshoot session with lil' pumpkin during Ibu Aimy's visit yesterday..
So happy to see the lovely outcome of the photoshoot..tq so much Miey!!!
Shud have a well planned soon dear..be ready Mrs Photographer!
Owh yea..Ibu Aimy is back in blogging world..yeha!!!
Enjoy more lovely peektures at her blog..maniscintsweetlove ;)

Enjoy the peektures...

lil' pumpkin...

I love this picture...

his 4th day..



Mek Rose said...

nad, u know wat..ur bb yg tido mulut ternganga tu sebijik adam! ehehehe

Nadine said...

Awwwh, baru2 lahir dh ade photoshoot yer. bertuahnya baby :)

You bersalin kali ni mmg penuh gayalah, Nad :)

Thara said...

love the pictures! and nadia, u look radiant in that pic altho it's black and white ok! cant wait to see u and baby soon! :D

ummi_ziz said...

Olololo so sweet! :)

p!nkerton said...

congrats nadia!! (sorry lambat wish, i tertinggal train ;p) your baby sangat comel! selamat berpantang & take care ;)

mommynadia said...

hehe..tulah, tp color je lain sket dr Abg Adam..hehehhe;)

unplanned..kebetulan my fren dtg bawak camera besar..apelagik..she offered for photoshoot..I loike!!
I guess semua mommy bersalin mmg nmpk bergaya..sb we tend to enjoy every single moment kan...
wait for ur turn dear!!
mesti lagik walla...;)

owh dear..picture b&w..hilang lah semua cacat cela kat muka babe!
yeap..cepat dtg baby nak jumpe abg Aydein..

tq dear..mommy comey ke baby yg commey??hikhikhik

thanks fatih for the wish..ala br 1wk pun..
gud luck to u too..few more wks to go..

maniscinta said...

yahh..my plesureeee..hihiiheikss...
but i need to crop mate awok jadi pirate coz tanak bagi nampok rambut...huhuhu..kene pektis lagi nie...amatur lagi...

mommynadia said...

buleh2 mek..mommy n baby ryan sudi jadik model mek..meh praktis umah ambe..nanti ater dh segar nnt...k!;)

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