Friday, November 19, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel Trip!

Its Hard Rock Hotel Penang!

Its been a while after the trip actually, but yet I decided to post the entry to share experience with others...
* so sape2 yg tgh plan nak bercuti specially during scool holidays ni..boleh lah dpt sedikit tips..hopefully!

If u still remembered my last entry about my unplanned trip, specially time tu tgh having bad nausea, but yet kami still ambil peluang bercuti to visit the HR Hotel Penang..
What so specially here...??
Let see..;)

Unfortunately we just managed to get Hillview Deluxe room..
Dah tu 2 single bed plak..seddey betul..all the rooms mmg fully booked that time..
So apa2 pun must plan earlier..try to always check the promotions offered to get better room at reasonable price..1st tip!
But yet, bilik dia mmg sgt spacious and since the hotel still new, all the furniture and room condition still in tip top condition..walla!
Even after 4hrs journey, Adam still fully energetic exploring the whole room..that's my boy!

The bathroom pun quite nice and spacious too..
but yet without jacuzzi..
so Adam tak boleh lah nak berendam ..pity him!
Dont worry.. even they not provide the jacuzzi,
* I guessed, tak tahulah bilik2 mahal yg lain ada jacuzzi kot2..
 but they have a very spacious swimming pool outside and complete with kids slides and everthings gitu!

As per earlier planned, since HR Hotel ni mmg jauh dr town, most of the time we really spent at the hotel..
Dont worry they have alot of things provided so that we can really utilized our time over there..
Nice swimming pool view at night..

Guys, its good if we really can plan our holiday supaya tak bertembung dgn cuti2 matsalleh kat sane..
Since kalau belah siang..mmg diorang yg conquered pool..
Faham2 lah pemandangan dia macamane ek??
Even they offered us a spacious room..overall I think the hotel area still sempit..
Imagine masuk2 dekat reception dah nmpk pool..kat tepi tu pun lah lounge dia..
so quite crowded..
Unless if u really dont mind to share the pool with everyone..
owh yea, if u really have big budget, family room I think they offered private pool..
Buka2 balcony boleh directly terjun kolam..syok lah sket!

The lil' kids rock..
small playground for small kids...
takde lah boring sgt bdak2...boleh spend time kat sini..

Night activity kat sini mmg happening..
Tak kira lah yg dekat HR cafe tu ek..
Dekat lounge hotel ni pun dah boleh layan..
Kena time kitorang pergi, band ni mmg sgt syok..!
Suara abg2 ni mmg mantap..
Kalau time muda2 dulu boleh layan smp pagilah ni..
Suara serak basah ala2 Kid Rock gtew..pergghhh!!
* btw,sorry gmbr tak clear..

Most of our time we spent at room and pool area..
Even tak mandi sb ramai org..n bulan puasa plak tu..
* next time yer Adam...sian ;)
We all sempat shopping at HR shop jgak..
Beli baju buat kenangan ;)

During check out time..
Overall place at HR hotel ni mmg well decorated..
Bnyk angle boleh amik gambar..
and very nice view too..

InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, we planned to come back again..
But at that time, hopefully we can plan earlier so that the holiday pun much more meaningful..
Adam pun boleh spend more time playing at swimming pool ..
Or maybe plan with our family so that bnyk sket activity boleh buat ;)
Guys..jom bercuti ke HR Hotel..;)


zahira said...

wah...menareks nya ;-). bila la nak sampai penang nih. umah udin pon tak penah gi lagi!

Nadine said...

I mmg teringin nak pegi HRH tau. Lagi2 lepas tgk photo cousin Fadzil pegi sana, dia dpt bilik bawah yg ade personal pool tu. Wallaweh, bestnyer! Tp everytime I try nak book manjang penuh je..huhu.

Tapi tgk gamba you ni, best jugak kan pool dia tu, sooo big! Next time gi Penang nak singgahla. Tak dpt tidur sana pegi melawat je la. hehe

mommaholicSURI said...

Owh wau!!! the hotel is so nice!! :) Should check in there one day. Untuk Oman, Esp tgk swimming pool dia tu, mesti dia excited x hengat. Adam mesti asyik nak pg swim je kan? hihi.

For me, sebab i sgt2 suka life band, owh i'm so missed it sebab now dah ada Oman susahla kan nak pg life band mcm dulu, this hotel would be a great choice. Sebab HR nyer band selalunya mmg rock !! :)

peah @ peps said...

cantiklah the hotel...

for 2nd honeymoon perhaps?

Peah Speaks #16: I dare you to love...

mommynadia said...

k.long, smp penang lagik ker??
ape lagik, bawak Ziqri jalan2 jumpe Adam..lagipun dekat je Penang tu, 4hr boleh smp ;)

Itulah..mmg asyik full je..
bilik yg private pool tu lagikla..asyik penuh memanjang diorang ckp..
paham2 je lah mat salleh..ape sgt stkat RM1k per night kan..;)

pool dia mmg besar..gmbr I letak tu tak clear time malam..
tapi besar2 pool dia tu asyik penuh je dgn orang..
shud pay visit dear ;)

bukan kata Adam, mommy dia pun rs nak terjun skali tgk pool tu..
momma Oman pun jgak rsnye kalau dah stay kat sane..tak kuar pool agak nye kut...hehehe ;)

owh malam tu smpt jgak layan 2,3 u ape lagik tgk lah..
mmg best betul..
tapi tak bleh lama ..adam dah smp kat depan singer dia dah..!
terus bawak lari..malu kitorang duk tarik Adam kt dpn tu..

tp band diorang mmg best!

yeap yeap..mmg best for honeymoon ;)

azzy said...

nadia, bole tanya? buat gambar collage tuh pakai software apa?

mommynadia said...

hi Azzy,
Nadia tkde terrer sgt IT ni..but I used Picasa to collage the picture..try download it..its really a user friendly software..have a try!

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Wow, nmpk bestla HRH tue. ada rezeki nti leh pegi cuba..:)

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