Friday, September 24, 2010

BF dilemma..

Hi everyone and happy Fridays..
Esok mesti bnyk open house nak attend ek??best kan?
Utk pregy mommy mcm I, eating become one of my new passions..
* bukan drp dulu ke?? ;)ahaks!
Tgh ni pun ada open house..yeha!
Ok stop melalut..

As of now, after last check up 2 days ago, I'm now 10wks pregnant..
Alhamdulillah, this time pregnancy, morning sickness tk prolong as prev pregnancy..
Even gynae, Prof Siti Zawiah pun cakap cepat recover..
InsyaAllah berkat doa korang..Amin.
Actually tkdelah 100% hilang terus cuma, takde lah seterok dulu..bangun pun tak larat!
2nd pregnancy ni memang challenging!
Kalau dulu boleh lah nak manja2 kan diri plus boleh dapat 100% bussiness class services dr hubby..
But this time pregnancy..sgt mencabar!
Tak sangka plak macam ni..salute those yg dah go thru this 2nd time pregnancy n more!

Yelah kalau last time, kita handle diri kita je kan..
Pening sket, baring tido..
But this time, we still had our kid to take care off..
Walaupun dah bnyk keje di sub-con kat Mr Hubby..
* thanks dear..appreciate it so much!
But yet, still need to back up here and there..

And for my case, breastfeeding become one of the challenging parts!
Bila dah find out pregnant, Adam dah jadik makin manja ngan Nadia..
Plus kalau datang dekat mesti nak bf aje..
Specially during weekend, every 2hrs mesti nk bf..tgk mommy ingt boobies!
Macamane tu??
Before this..I seem to enjoy everytime Adam came for bf..
But yet, it became painfully lately..
And sometimes can feel the contraction down there..
Since I have fully stop pumping during fasting month, maybe the milk production started to deplete..
So everynite bila Adam bf, he started to suckle hardly, left my nipps some blisters and cracks..
ouuuchhh!!so painful..
Not only that..Adam seems to enjoy hanging lama2 which make me more stressful..the whole body pun sakit..
Time ni my hubby really need to play big role..remove Adam from me and distracted him with the other kalau dah pukul 3,4 pg..takkan nak ajak main  plak kan??
So both of us became stress!

The gynae also suggested to stop bf..
Memang berat hati sgt..rase bersalah..
But yet, I have to be a lil bit selfish..give time for my boobies to rest..hohohoho..
I still have around 7mnths to go before start balik routine pumping and bfeeding..
Agreed, they are some mommies who really committed tandem nursing..preg and bf!
Which I salute so much!
InsyaAllah after deliver nanti, kalau Adam still intrested to tandem nursing with his younger bro/sis..
Then I will continue him to bf..
Lagipun Adam can help to stimulate milk production..InsyaAllah..

So, the plan is nak stop bf bila dia dah masuk 2yrs..
Another 3 wks to go..
huhuhuuhu..seddey taksangka my bfeeding journey over at 2yrs old only..
So what we did now..we try to substitute him with flavoured fresh mlik (full cream milk) and yogurt drinks, since Adam still reject the fm!
Kitorang pun still try and error yg mane Adam suka and reject..
But yet, I'm still not sure how to fully stop him..
My mom and even the gynae suggest to put asam jawa at the nipp...
I said "what??!!!"..I pun geli how??
Any ideas out there..??Please share..

"Ya Allah..Semoga Engkau berikan yang terbaik buat Adam Mikael..Amin.."
We are so sorry dear..


lydzar said...

adam wean off at 2 years, ok dah tu nadia. takyah sedih2 k :) mmg cukup waktu la tu..

take care of ur boobies pulak. mmg amatla sakit bila sore niple and crack tuh kan..tak sanggup sungguh nk bertahan

amirah said...

its okay..insyaAllah Adam will be ok..

Thara said...

awww. its ok babe. 2 years is more than enuff! many of us are very proud of u for pulling it this far! u should really be proud of yourself jugak tau!

bab nak wean tu, i pon dok dgr org letak mcm2 dkt nippy tu. not sure which one works best though. u kene try and error. sometimes benda yang work for other ppl, might not work for you and vice versa. happy weaning adam! :)

p!nkerton said...

u shud be very proud for have been bf adam this far! congrats :) jgn sedih2 yea :) my SIL pun having the same issues. the elder mcm xnak wean off, tapi supply dia dah kering & nipple cracks! dia try jugak lumur asam jawa tu but not really works..


Itulah..yg Nadia risau dia tak ready lagik nk mommy dia dah tak larat dah..huhuhu ;(

InsyaAllah..doakan yer ;)

I pun plan mcm nak put some lemon bila time dia nak hisap..pikir balik takut I yg menjerit dulu sb pedih dgn crack2 yg ada..huhuhu..

I tak risau sgt nak bab nak wean off kan Adam tu, yg I risau how to stop him??He so attached with me!
Pening u!!

Pinkerton, itulah,so mcm ur sis buat ek?
I risau jugak bila smp nak weanoff, dia tk ready lagik..

Nadine said...

Nad, I'm sooo proud of you for being this far in BF. You've done very well, dear ::Heads up:: :)

Ouch! that's hurt. Dilemma betul u kan. Hmm, I dont have any advice since I have 0 experience in this area but I pray u'll find the solution for it soon. Happy weaning to Adam :)

armouris said...

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mommaholicSURI said...

If nuurill x silap kan. Izu pun dulu mengalami problem yang sama. She tried so hard to make Zahin not to only want her B. memang mancabar kan naida, Nuurill baca pun dapat rasa. Huhu.

Tapi Adam dah berjaya sampai 2 years fully breastfeeding dah mmg totally excellent dah nadia. Congrats!!! :)

Hope everything goes smoothly with your 2nd pregnancy. Amin! :)


thanks dear..
hope to get the solutions soon..doakn yer..
but yet till now pun still buntu..
seems to wean off Adam is somthings impossible..waaa...
specially on weekend, tiring!
caiyyok Nadia!!

owh yea, Nadine..Faaz take Enfagrow kan??..flavor biasa ke yg choc/honey??ok tak??
Ingatkan nk intro Adam to fm entah lah dia nak terima tak..currently fresh milk choc dia tak gemar sgt!


Itulah..Nadia miss kot entry Izu yg tu,now pun tgu Izu comment..
sb Izu pun tgh bf Zahin kan..

mmg sgt2 mencabar u!
kdg2 smp pressure dibuatnye..
thanks for the doa..
hopefully everythings went smoothly..InsyaAllah..

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Salam Nadia..

I really cud feel you dear..i went thru all those hassle during my scnd time pregnancy..seriously mmg la drained me out..pnt gler..mental n fizikal..

So i guess, better Nadia try stop Adam bf starting fr now..lg 3mgu Adam 2yrs kn, may be by that time dh dia dh completely stop bf..2 yrs are more than enuf dear..well done! Jgn smpi jd mcm Izu, smpi Iris dh lahir pon Zahin still bf..huhu mcabar sgt3. act. i wasn't that strong to do tandem nursing u know..but i didnt have other choice during that time sbb Zahin mmg fully bf n dia tk bley terima FM drastically..try la beli sume FM dr yg jenama plg mahal smpi ke plg murah, she still refused FM..then my SIL kata try bg UHT dutch lady milk aje..nmpknya dia suka yg perisa strawberry!! alhamdulillah..tny doc, doc kata it's ok jnj dia minum susu..:)

Oh ttg nk wean off tu..hehe..mmg kelakar..mcm2 petua izu try. ltk lipstik, ltk food colour, asam jawa..sume failed!! Zahin tk de nya dia kisah..dia tlg lap kn lagi B kte tu ada patu ngan slumbernya bf..hahaha..aih masa tu mmg mcabar mom bising sbb izu tk bkeras ngan Zahin..hehe

until Izu dlm pntg Iris, smpi satu thp Izu seniri tk leh larat nk nursing both of them..skt the whole body. then rse mcm Iris tk cukup susu sbb Zahin sucked stronger than her.:D last effort, my mom tny kwn2 dia kt opis, n derg suro jmp ustazah mana tah kt kg i tu, bwk telur rebus you..byk..then the ustazah bacalah ayat2 apa tah (i;m sure not jampi serapah mentera ;p) kt all the eggs..Pstu kasi Zahin mkn telur tu aje....bler dia nk B, kasi dia mkn telur smpi la dia lupe my B..surprisely it works, dear!! in juz 3 days, she was bf free...hehe..

mmg kene try n error, ada org sng aje nk wean off kn their kids kn..ltk lipstik, the kid dh tk nk dh B..Zahin ni kene bg telur plak..i rse juz a psycology. hihi..

nway, I hope u'll find the solution soon dear..Amin. jgn sedih2 lg k, u've done the best for Adam.:)


Itulah,skrang ni Nadia tgh try find solutions..
mak Nadia pun dah Adam duk nak hanging aje..mcm bdak kecik plak..
yeap,gynea pun suggest for UHT milk, Adam pun suka strawberry..
so kat nrsy skrang Nadia bekalkan kan Adam fresh milk/UHT milk utk siang..
but the prob is..walaupun dah minum freshmilk tu, still jugak nak bf!time malam lah specially!

Nadia tk try lagik letak pape kt my B ni..shud start from now..takut kebal mcm zahin jgak kan..siap tolong lap tu..klakar lah Zahin..
Nadia takut Adam dia hisap je..tak peduli pun...waaa!!
Itulah kan..susah jgak ek smp Izu pun kn jumpa ustazah..I shud start from now lah..

Tp congrats!kagum Izu still boleh BF Zahin time preggy..nadia tklarat la dear..
so no, how bout Iris..?Izu still bf Iris skrang?
kalau ya..salute la Izu..

Nadine said...

Nad, a'ah..Faaz consume Enfagrow A+. Dulu minum yg without flavour tp lepas 18 months ni I bg vanilla flavour. :)

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