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Let's Jump Into Virtual World @ Friso GUT Days!!!

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Have you read my mommy's post recently on Friso Growing Up Together Days??*Read here ;)*

Few days before the weekend, mommy keep on telling that she will bring Ryan and me to one event where I can play and have fun with lots of activities there. Mmm well, well, when I heard about fun and play, I was full with excitements and starts counting days to get there. 

Saturday morning, I woke up as usual and get ready to explore the excitement. We went to One Utama Shopping Complex where Friso Growing Up Together Days event took place. The moment I stepped in, I was very excited to see the nice decorations of the event.*tell ya, it really looks like a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playland* But I have to keep myself cool, so I followed mommy to the registration area.

Friso GUT Days at One Utama..

Look, that was me inside the stroller!! 

In order to get access to jump into the virtual world, we need to register ourselves at the Registration Booth exactly after the entrance. Then, you will be given the passport as well as the RM10 voucher to purchase Friso product and a sachet of Friso milk for trial. Weeee ;) I wished I could bring my lil' bro to play too, but mommy said Ryan is too small to join thus he waited for us at waiting area with papa. Next time k Ryan ;)

But lil' friends, be sure you are within this height limit..

Besides of the virtual technology activities, there are also art & craft stations where we can personalise our own stuff by making a hanging mobile, designing the t-shirt, creating the glove toy or making a doodle badge. We were so lucky when we reached there, it was time for make a doodle badge session. So, mommy immediately took me to the Art &Craft Booth for registration.

Art & Craft Registration Booth..

Few minutes later, the art & craft session started. Team up with mommy, we were given a small piece of paper and color pencils. Mommy helped me to draw flowers and write down my name, while I was busied coloring all the stuffs. But mommy said, she was not creative enough to draw the pictures, its ok mom, we will do our best k. hehehehe ;)

Thats was me and my mommy..
We were so excited making our own badge..
Look at other friends too,everyone was enjoying the moment with their parents as well..

While busy coloring, suddenly I was approached by the tall brother * well I think I shud call him uncle kot hehehe* with microphone. Mommy said he was the emcee. I was lil bit nervous and shy when he asked my name n my age. But I managed to answer his questions well. Hmm hmmm >.<

5 minutes later...

This is our personalise badge..
Boleh lah..;)

Honestly, I can't wait to explore the virtual world. Instead of waiting the session to finish, I pulled mommy to the next booth where the huge tunnel was set up.

Ready to explore yeha!!

Before that, I need to study the map first, just to ensure I will not miss any exciting parts..
" kalau dapat buat 2 round pun best jgak..;)*

But yet, there were 10 peoples in front of me waiting to go in..grrrrr!!!

Fuuhhh..its such a long queue .*lap peluh macam Mickey Mouse* Being an active kid like me, I can't stand still waiting for the q. Instead, I was playing with the blue divider and sneak peek to see what was inside the tunnel, just to kill my time. By that time, I can see mommy started rolling her big eyes towards me. 15 minutes later, finally my turn to go in. Huhh...lega ;)

There are few interactive games waiting for kid and parent inside the tunnel. The games are so colorful with cute animations and high technology behind it. I was so thrilled to see these interesting games. It looks like playing mommy's tablet in such a big screen. Great!! I wished I can play over and over again. But, mommy said I need to consider my friends behind me waiting to play with the games too. So we jumped to the next booth..

Us while playing Lilypad Hop from the big screen outside the tunnel. 
Papa helped to capture the picture..
"Jump jump mommy!!"

Catch catch the butterflies..

And the final booth is Virtual Painting Booth. But it was placed outside that huge tunnel. Kind interesting game too. I took picture with mommy, and then chose background of the picture. There are 3 background to be choosen, but of course I chose to have rocket as backgrounds of my picture. I can paint what ever I wanted on it too. But I was excited to see the alien icons on the right hand side of the screen, so I dragged and  placed as many aliens I like into the picture. Wonder how the picture would be??

During Mum & Me Virtual Painting Session..

Adam n mommy in planet of aliens..hehe..
Yes, they will print us the photo and we can bring back home yeay!!...

See.. I've collected 3 stamps on my passport already..
 *supposed 4, that kakak lupa nak stamp during the badge session* ..
So I have completed my journey in these activities...yippie!!

Other than booths for kids, they also have dad and mom's corner too. Where moms and dads can search info and share their ideas in their Growing Up Together webpage at the ipad provided.

I'm helping out my papa to search some info actually!!

Plus, anyone who bring the tin foil or barcode from Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4, u can redeem a free gift from Friso too..

Aunties, if you missed event at One Utama, no worries, you still have chance to explore this beautiful journey with your little ones at these following areas:

      Sunway Pyramid, Klang Valley    : 9 – 11 March 
      Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru : 13 – 18 March 
     Queensbay Mall, Penang             : 5 – 8 April 

I really had so much fun that day..and wished mommy and papa would bring me again to event like this in future..*Agak2 kalau Adam ajak pergi Sunway plak, nak ke tak mommy pergi ek??? Garu kepala*

Us <3

 Friends, don't forget to book your mom's weekend for next event ok!!
Sure you will have tons of fun.. like I did  too >.<


Adam Mikael..
aka big bro..


Unknown said...

wah dah lamalah blog kamu.

bestnya jika ada baby..leh gi kat sini..macam best ajerlah kan

mama ct said...

thanks for the info and entry adam..;-)...nanti nak bawa auntie punye anak2 ke sana sana nye!!!

mommynadia said...

kak Ina,
ye akak dah lama tak singgah blog kita hukhukhuk..

takpe akak,nanti bila dah dpt cucu, boleh bawak pergi event kids ek ;)

mommynadia said...

Aunty ct,
Jangan lupa bawak Abg Haris,Aisyah n Fariz tau..mesti diorang!!

xoxo Adam ;)

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