Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shortlisted Contestants - Dress Up Your baby with Trudy &Teddy Q4

Alhamdulillah, tak sangka trial mommy meng"upload"kan gambar Adam in Trudy & Teddy apparel ke Dress Up With Trudy & Teddy Contest berjaya ke top 10. Gambar yang berjaya adalah gambar time pergi event Trudy & Teddy Tea Party aritu. Next step, top 3 contestants with the highest votes "Like" from the Trudy & Teddy Facebook Page will move to the next round, the Grand Finale round..yeha!!

To all my lovely readers & friends, followers, bloggers and peeps, please help to vote for Adam Mikael. Your vote is muchly appreciated!
* gaya macam ramai je readers nye, takpe..usaha tangga kejayaan!

Do visit this link and cast your vote there!

Voting closes on July,15 at 3.00pm..
Please help me to spread out!

Many thanks ;)


Nadiah Sidek said...

dah like. good luck! :)

fatin syamimi abdul rashid said...

done :)

nad said...

done & good luck

mommynadia said...

thanks alot gals! ;)

mommaholicSURI said...

Yey!! dah like jugak.
Moga Adam dapat ke final. Amin! :)

mommynadia said...

yes2!!tq of the earliest!Amin!But others sgt hebat tak terkejar I nak suruh org like..lagilah I tak active ber"fb" get many "Like" agak susah..
tkpe lah,asal takpaling corot udah yer ;)
thanks again for voting..kalau Oman ada acc fb, I suruh Oman vote too..ngegegege ;)

juanita said...


ok saya da like.
Saya ada tedengar pasal voting scam group ni. If u send ur link there mesti boley dpt like votee 1k per day...tapi x yah la kan..x baik..Ada rezki ada la kan..
Nanti join la contest kat blog saya pula...

mommynadia said...

tq Juanita!
yeap,I saw many voters from this group at prev winners!
tak pelah..nanti tk best menang cara ni..lagipun kerah kwn2 and families je..suka2...
tak win pun takpe,dah top 10 pun dah ok!

Unknown said...

mommy nadia,

saya nak like tapi tak boleh mungkin sbb bukan friends kat add me k so I can vote for you

fb id : Tuty Rahiza

mommynadia said...

takpe actually,tp tuty kena like trudy & teddy page dulu..then baru like the pic!

btw,I have send request to u dear!
dont forget to vote ;)

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