Friday, January 15, 2010


It was last Fri actually, during Friday's prayer time..when my sis and I rushed to Subang Parade for a quick lunch and went to MPH..think it shud be a gud time to find a book while the 'lil boy not around..:)
we had our lunch at Secret Recipe,stopby a lil while at Mothercare and straight away to usual,I will lead my way straight to the parenting corner..
after a quick viewing,I decided to take this 2 books...

Bright Start by Dr Richard Woolfson and Baby & Toddler Meal Planner by Igloo..

synopsis for the Bright Start..

this book overall gv guideline of development for bb, tots and childs..from 0 mnths to 5 yrs..

I loike this..the meal planner..simple recipe book with the nice presentation..The Anabel Karmel was also in the list..maybe for next..that one shud be the advc..hehe..(neway thnx for mummy Anne..)

Simple recipe with a lil ingredients, yet shud be yummylicious..!

not to forget for my lil one..the ballon book..he loves balloon so much...;)

Wish I could khatam the 1st book and try all the recipes from the 2nd..hopefully can update the recipe evrytime I try..

till then dear..wish me luck ;)


mommaholicSURI said...

Yey! After khatam can share with us k :) Nuurill pun x khatam lagi buku hari tu. Hihi

maniscinta said...

yeap...mommy...macaroni cheese ru mcm best jerr....nanti we all order je ok..?? :P

mommynadia said...

since buku tu development from 0 mnths to 5yrs..I might take 5 yrs to khatam the book hehhe:)..reason utk org malas cm i..
neway nanti i share the info from the book..:)
wish me luck..:)

mommynadia said...

nanti Eimran ada gigi mari makan macaroni umah Adam ek..update lah latest pic Eimran...n new fab look Ibu..:)

maniscinta said...

mommy!! eimran dah tumbuh 2 batang gigi bawah tau...and on the way maybe 2 or 3 btg gigi atas....hahaaaa...alhamdulillah eimran tak demam tumbuh gigi....tapi ibu rase cam pelik sikit gigi atas mcm ada gap sebatang gigi...kalo tumbuh nampak mcm rongak ler...maybe as terowong nak bg laluan torpedo ibu kot...huhuahuahu

mommynadia said...

wa..sudah ada gigi ya!bagus..boley makan macaroni dah ni..ha' teeth macam adam lah tu..kalau ada gap..oklah..adam kadang2 demam nak tumbuh gigi..

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