Thursday, March 27, 2014

#PhilipsMumsWish! - 3 more days to go!!

Hi mommies..
Still remember my last entry, *jengok bawah please, hahaha mintak maap ya blog dah bersawang* pasal contest by Philips! Tengok kalendar tadi, alamak dah tinggal 3 hari before closing date! 
Owh no.. *positive positive..kdg mana tahu tuah menyebelahi kita kan?* 

Went to their facebook page again just now "Philips AVENT Mummy's Wishing wall" , tengok Grand Prize, semangat balik nak submit entry. Best tu!!
There are 4 chances for you to win the Grand Prizes besides 10 consolation prizes for highest votes. Aww best nye! *those yg ramai followers dekat blog, instagram, facebook or twitter, silalah request diorang votes ya!

Woweee, syoknye PHILIPS AVENT!!
*drooling habis*

 4 categories that I mentioned earlier are health, education, safety/security and others..
You are allow to submit entry for every category up to maximum 5 entries.

Those mommies who already submitted for Health Category..

 Those mommies who already submitted for Education Category..

Those mommies who already submitted for Safety/Security Category..

Sempat baca few pictures dekat Wishing Wall tu, sangat sweet. So touching!
Ok, petang ni mesti submit jgak! U all jangan lupa vote for me taww! =)

In case ada yang belum submit *macam kitew*, do follow this link for detail ya.
Easy peasy dear! Just find suitable pictures and make some wishes..
There you go..hit submit button! 
Entry submitted! *wink*

Don't forget to share with your friends and get them to vote for your entry via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. .
Use #PhilipsMumsWish!

3 more days to go!
Hurry up mommies..
All the best...

*owh no am stress, bnyk tu folder gambar nak pilih mana satu ek!!*

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nadia,

My name is Jaja and I'm an editor for a Malaysian parenting website. I love your blog as it's sweet and honest.

I was wondering if you would like to be one of our guest writers on the website? If you do, kindly email me at so we can chat more.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Jaja Shah-Mohen

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