Thursday, August 29, 2013

School holidays activities..

Cuti raya tahun ni sekali dengan school holidays..
Biasanye school holidays, kiddos still pergi school sb sekali dengan day care..
But this time school holidays, all the aunties at BBIM were given holidays for them to celebrate eid mubarak..
Agak susah bagi kami yg takde support system. So nak tak nak, Mr hubby and myself kena gilir2 amik cuti..
Nasib lah..seriously un-plan things sb we got very late message from school! Sob..

Whatever it is, we did enjoyed the impromtu holidays..
Staying at home jer sb mommy and papa kena gilir cuti..

On the first day, it was Mr Hubby's turn..
Kids had fun sepah2kan playroom because mommy was not around!

Day 2, mommy kerahkan tenaga utk kumpul balik semua toys yg disepahkan..

Aunty gave list of home works for school holidays..
Ya bercinta nak suruh buat. Mommy don't like homeworks, same goes to the big bro Adam..hew hew!
Kesian jgak, belajar sambil main2..

Revision for pink box phonics..

Hafazan for few surahs..

For Surah Al-Ma'un..

And translations..

We went to watch movie as well..
Konon nak tengok Smurfs, sekali pergi first day tayang planes..
Apa lagik..

Video Ryan happy pergi Subang Parade..

Kiddos had fun watching Planes..
Adam bagi 5 stars..
hihihi =)

Following day, both of us took leaves, so we went to IKEA for window shopping and yang penting to satisfy my meatball craving..

To ensure diorang fully occupied, mommy bagi keje sket..

Tukang ukur..

Tukang tulis..

That's how they spent their short school holidays recently..
Mommy mmg kena apply leaves, tapi pikir balik best jgak, done lots of things with kids..
Kalau saje2 nak apply leaves duirng school holidays, mmg susahlah..
Dah terdesak macam ni..boss pun kena redha je lah..

Last but not least, a cute Ryan's video, yg fail nak upload insta vid that day..
With his fave book Peter & Jane Book 1..
Funny part, time baca tu dia tengah hiccup..
So funny lah u lil bambam!

Have great day ahead everyone..


Unknown said...

wah ryan dh boleh membaca. hebatnye

famyGirl said...

*clap clap clap* Clever boy Ryan!! :D

Nadine said...

Ryan dah pandai baca, impressive!! good job mommy :)

Yee Ling said...

Full of fun's fun!

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