Thursday, February 25, 2010


So funny to see when Adam met again with his long lost fren of him…
Yesterday when he played in his room, he was distracted with one thing from the I took and washed properly and passed it to him..
He seems to enjoy playing with the thing a lil while..but few minutes after that, he threw the thing and continue playing…

him with the dummy...


well mommy,ur's is the best!!

Yepp…I started to introduce Adam with the dummy about 2-3 months old, yea reason simply to soothe him to sleep..Adam is type of baby that will hanged all nite with my nipp.. I couldn’t stand it thus I let the dummy to soothe him..
Time passed by, when he was 5-6 months old, he started to realize that the dummy that he sucked was not the original one…so he started to threw every time I gv him..So every nite till now, I hv to bfeed him to soothe him to sleep..
Dummy in the other hand can prevent of cot death (SIDS) to the babies, one of the other reason I let him to use the dummy, but yet there are still a lot of pros and cons of using the dummy or pacifier..

To those with small baby, take a look of this gud info taken from the babycentre..

Dummies and pacifiers

Yes, its Valentine’s Day the movie..

I got the chance to watch the movie, and this was my 4th movie I watched with my hubby after giving birth to pity kan??
I love to watch kindda romance comedy type of movie, thus this movie is superb!!.thumbs up ..5starsss!!
I do not agreed with Valentines Day celebration instead, but I was so interested to see the movie with a lots of superstars inside..from the hensem Ashton to the lovely Julia, Jeniffer and Jessica..many others..Its a shud watch movie I can say..
There are too many characters and stories inside, thus sumtime we tend to forget the relations of it..
Towards the end of the movie..the ending part of course..I was sobbsob dude..
Not for the Ashton or Jeniffer,but for Julia..her valentine’s is her son touching..

So..get ur time and go to watch..Its worth seeing babe..!


mommaholicSURI said...

Oman satu geng dengan Adam. Whenever he wanna sleep.. wajib nak 'itu'. Alhamdulillah until now, i can still bfeed him directly when i'm at home. Kalau Nuurill ada, sumpah dia tanak formula. nangis2 lagi! hehe.

Huwaaaaa... nadia ok lagi. Nuurill rasanya sekali je lepas delivered Oman tgk movie tau. Jelos sungguh! :) tambahan that movie ade Jessica Alba. I love everything about her u know. Aim nak dapat badan and skin like her. Boley? hehehehe

maniscinta said...

hamboihh mommy...mentang2 sok cutii...stayup sampai ke subuh....:P

ambe tak penah pon gi wayang pas beranok niee...tgk dvd je kat umahh...

mommynadia said...

hehe..the original one ek..since u still ada susu kan,kt office u pump lagi tak?
boley bg Oman bw bekal g nursery..:)
yelah,time my parents dtg biasanye we tried to escape..I just planned wit my hubby to make wed's as movie day every 2 months..take half day leave and watch movie..hehe
yeap,Jess superb in th movie, but yet she dumped Ashton..sian:(

mommynadia said...

ala Nuuril,skrang pun dah gojes ape..ala skinny sgt pun tak lawa jgak kan?? (ayat penyedap utk I jgak..)

kalau sy jadik awak,sokmo kut escape g tgk movie..bestbest!!
miey..bila nak balik shah alam..kata Eim nak ajar Adam climbing..:)

Thara said...

babe, aydein is SO like adam too! and i guess its all the same for breastfed babies. the only way to make him sleep at night is to pacify him with my teetotheteetees. haha if u know what i mean. but yeah. naseb baik bibiknye dkt rumah pandai tido kan die pakai gendongan tu je. kalau tak, naya! :P

i pon penah cuba kasik die pacifier when he was like 3-4 months of age at night, because i couldnt sleep since he was latching on me all the time! asal lepas je, die terbangun. but bile i sumbatkan pacifier into his mouth, pergh. lagi mengamok die! so pacifier doesnt work on him. its amazing how smart our babies are even at this age kan? they know its not the original one! :P

haaaa? 4th movie in 16 months?? haha mmg SGT PITY! hehe :P but then again, i laen kot. psl i dgn my hubs mmg kaki wayang since dkt Uni lagi. my in law punye family pon sama. siap bwk 4 org anak semua pi wayang haha. so i guess its in the blood! :P

oh and babe, i cried at the same time u did too! during the julia and her son punye scene! awww mother instinct kicked in kan! it was SO TOUCHING! :D

ps : i saw ur comment in irin's blog. u used to get 22oz per day?? OMG! mane lah adam tak gebu mcm gitu! :P

mommynadia said...

correct..all bfeed n mybe lil boy ait..suka hang at our b**b:)diorang ni smart boy,since dah kena tinggal waktu siang,mlm dia kenakan kita u said ngan bibik tak pulak cr nyotnyot kn?
gurl,I used to be movie fanatic too lasttime,till gv birth to Adam..dah one to tk care of him..camane?not so regret sb time preggy dulu I dah belasah 2 movie per week at least..hehe..
yes dear..I dont want to elobrate much,as sape2 yg tgk specially mommies..surely

yea,I start to see Irin from Nona n amazed dia smgt nak lah tu hasil tuaian mase Adam muda2..mane taknye,at least 22-26 oz per day consumption dia tau..during work time!lunyai mommy k..!!
lesson bby buat stock 1 fridge papa, 1 more fridge for mommy pls..!!!

zahira said...

wah...adam isap puting! ziqri dulu masa kecik isap lar jugak kejap...pastu dah takmo!

tgk wayang...udah lama tak tgk wayang...sejak ziqri ada ni tak penah lg pi tgk movie...ntah bila nak pegi tatau lar, huhuhu

Nadine said...

Hehe, comey Adam sengih sambil isap pacifier. Naik sepet mata dia! :)

Faaz since dah tak bf nie pantang nampak pacifier. Nak nyot2 everytime we have to hide it. Bila dia dah ngantuk nak tido br bagi. We still figuring out how to stop it permanently..*sigh*

bestnya dah tgk v day! Im still waiting my hub to download it. Hihi..bestlah you dah start tgk wayang slalu. I lepas beranak baru dpt pegi tgk wayang twice je. Hopefully 3rd one soon, cuz Im sooo wanna watch Alice in Wonderland (Johnny Depp *wink*)

Unknown said...

Cutenye adam dgn pacifier dia.. Airin penah bagi Lissa masa dia around 2 month+, and sampai skrg dia mmg taknak pacifier. and luckily, dia ada ibu jari dia..lagi sedap dr pacifier. so everytime nak tido, mesti hisap jari sendiri. kalau jari mama dia ade, jari mama dia la yg masuk dlm mulut dia..huhu. sib baik la tak 'mengempeng' lama tau (for those who are pure jawa, mesti tau makna. my husband yg ajar)
ala bestnya dpt tgk movie. first and last movie tgk since dapat Lissa is Avatar..bile la lagi nak tgk movie..uhuk

mommynadia said...

elok juga dia tak mahu..takut dah suka susah nak pisahkan..
tu lah..nadia pergi bila ma dtg sini..mimi pun tak berani nak handle Adam..hehe


At least u bg time nak tido je ok la..nadia pun kdg2 try nak sumbat time tido,tak nak jugak..penat nak layan dia nak hanging je..specially bila dia tak sihat..huhuhu
Alice in!!hope boley pergi tgk jgak!!

mommynadia said...

luv to see baby hisap jari..Adam taknak..mommy dia punye pun apatah lagi..tak best kut..
haha..tak pernah dengar plak jawa word Lissa tak hanging ke malam2..lucky u airin..kalau tak sakit badan tau!
Kalau Nadia jadi Airin,mesti selalu pergi drop baby kat umah mak..bagus Airin,tak susahkan mak ek..ala.. kadg2 diorang lagik sukke..kankan..??

hushuss said...

nadia, huspa mmg tak suka bagi hazrat paci. tapi lepas confinement, huspa dah start keja, hantar dia pegi rumah babysitter . that's how hazrat kenal dgn paci. dan sbb paci lah, hazrat jadi nipple confuse. masa dia 4months, dia dah taknak direct BF lagi. Allah je tahu sedihnya huspa masa tu.

So, huspa express je BM sbb hazrat suka gile dgn BM berbanding FM. tp smpi dec lepas, huspa stopped pumping. tak larat dah sbb susu dah kurang.

To Nadia, Nuurill, huspa admire u both. teruskan bagi BM dekat our kids k.

mommynadia said...

betul Huspa,
bbsitter Adam pun mintak paci.,tp Adam yg reject..lesson learned baby kita try our best k..I wish to make 1 full fridge of my EBM..InsyaAllah..:)

mama ct said...

pacifier...erm...good topic for myself....i don't really fancy this thing...i've seen a lot of my friends...having problem to wean out this pacifier...aiyooooo....4 yrs old and still nyot2...and...u really can see lah the teeth protrude sudah...aiyoooo.....

it's better if u really read about the pro n cons b4 using this...and make the best decision..:)

mommynadia said...

yelah ct..Alhamdulillah Adam not intrested with his pacifier..jadik kenangan je lah..
betul2..once dah tangkap cintan,mmg susahkan nak lepas..knkn..

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