Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Delivery Moment of Adryan Nufael..

Dah nak masuk sebulan, baru sempat post entry pengalaman bersalin 2nd baby..
Kalau dapat post day after delivery, baru best..sb kenangan tu masih segar diingatan..
Ni dah masuk 1 month, campur urat2 yg dah banyak putus, harap2 masih dapat cerita detail..
owh bahaya jgak kalau dah tak ingat kenangan labor, nanti karang ter"accident" 3rd baby plak..grrrrr~~~~
hahaha..seriously, kenangan labor Adam dulu still segar diingatan..just after Adam 18months, trauma labor tu dah kurang sket2...baru bersedia for 2nd baby..tuptup tak lama terus concieved..

Sorry, it might be a long entry...
But yet, I still insisted to keep all the sweet memories for this delivery..

30th March 2011
It was on Wednesday and I have started the contractions since a week ago..mild and every half to an hour contractions..
The contractions keep coming frequently since Monday and became more intense day by day...
We decided to text the gynae, and she asked me to come to the clinic for check up..http://mommynadia.blogspot.com/2011/03/clock-ticking.html
Hubby came back during lunch time, at 3 pm, we left the house to pick up Adam at nursery..
After sent Adam to Che Mimi house, we straight away heading to UMSC..
* Kali ni hubby tak makan pujuk nak singgah Subang Parade, pekena white coffee uncle lim ke secawan..rejected!
Reached the UMSC clinic, Prof Siti frowned at me when I said I might be in labour soon..* thats me..confident gile lebih dr doc ;)
She asked me to lie down on bed to check the cervix opening..
And to her surprised, I was 2cm dilated..she quickly check my pregnancy file and again surprised when I just at early of 37wks..
I said to her that Adam also delivered during my 37 wks..;) * again muka confident that I will be in labor soon! ;)
Prof Siti did something, she said like sweeping or stripping technique to help opening of my cervix, then she said I will be in 3cm dilated and ready for the labour..;)
Apalagi kena tahan la jawabnye..So we straight away heading to UMSC Lily Ward in PPUM..
Moral of the story..Always trust to mother instinct ;)

Myself at few days before delivery..weighed 69.9kg <---lagi boleh tak nak genapkan 70kg..kuikuikui
* courtesy of Adam Mikael, the amateur photographer

31st March 2011
It was a normal contraction every 10-15min..
I was sleeping soundly that night..agaknye sb dah tak payah nak risau monitor contraction..
* Paling kurang kalau nak terberanak sgt pun, just panggil midwife yg tgh standby tu..
Supposedly Prof Siti should came that night, but she called me and informed that she wanted the cervix to ripen normally and let the contractions became stronger..
Kalau malam tu dia datang and broke my waterbag, I guessed tengah malam tu dah selamat deliver..nasibla..
The midwife came every few hours for CTG..baby's heartbeat and contraction monitoring!
And the whole morning to afternoon, we just watching tv and surfing internet while waiting for Prof Siti to come..

3.30 pm
I was shocked to see the sign of blood, seketul mcm darah period gtu time nk buang air..
Time Adam dulu mane nak ada early signs of delivery ni..
I called the midwife to confirm in case with that blood sign, I will be in labour in any minutes..
The midwife then confirmed it was a normal early sign of labor..

At the labor room

Sementara tgu Prof Siti datang, ni lah my last food to enjoy before
 pantang and energy during pushing time..nasi lemak n air teh..!

The gynae came..Prof Siti a lil bz that day as she has handled the master student's exam..
And the drama begin..
Prof Siti immediately check my cervix opening and she said the baby's head started to engage..
So she decided to rupture the membrane/broke the water bag..
The 1st few minute, I still ok and a lil bit painful at the beginning..
And suddenly I heard the gynea asked my hubby to get the entonox aka gas for me..
Started from that moment..I was at the other world..
Pelik sgt rase that feeling..macam tengah menari2 with the afro hair and white bell bottom, dancing on the white stage..
I tried myself to connect with the real world, but I cant..
Until I heard my hubby's whispered near to my right ear, teach me to consistently breath..
I followed watver he said, and at this time I can feel that I hold his hand tightly..Tapi memang tak rase sakit pape..
Only during at one time, it was so painful till I can feel that I was screaming loudly..
There was a weird sound every time I exhaled and inhaled the gas..Somethings that I cannot explained!
After 10-15min, then I heard the gynea's voice..and and pastu baru sedar..
The 1st question came out from my mouth.."Is it over??"
Everyone laughed at me..It just begun ..
Actually Prof Siti helped me to remove out my amniotic fluid sb banyak sgt..and lucky she said I wasn't had my waterbroke at home b'cos the baby's head can possibly turn..Syukur..
So with the helped of the gynae, she able to control the baby's head while removing the amniotic fluid..

Owh yea, reminder to myself! : Next baby kena control makan as I really had the gest diabetic during pregnancy, no more argue..it true Nadia!!!So beware ;)

8.00 pm
An hour later,  the contraction became more intense..
The 1st few hours, I still can cooped with the contractions..
Boleh siap main2 lagik ngan En Hubby..duk counting the max contraction % I can achieved..
After that, hubby need to help me to supply the entonox to relief the pain..sb contraction dah become stronger and stronger..
Seboleh2nye hubby tak nak bagi sgt sedut gas tu bnyak2..takut nanti duk mamai aje..
Plus consistently sedut gas tu boleh buat jadik khayal terok..macam yg kena time broke waterbag tu la..tak mau lagik!

The gynea arrived, dalam sedar tak sedar, I heard the gynea askde me to start pushing..
"Cepat, u nak baby 31st March ke April fool baby...??"
Dalam hati..mane2 lah doc..tak boleh tahan dah ni..grrrrr~~~~~
Few minutes later, everything was ready and I prepared to start pushing..
But yet after few minutes..the 2nd drama began..
Again, I was entered to the same world as I had during the waterbroke..
I was singing, dancing...lalallalaa..
Until at one time, I removed the gas and asked hubby.."baby dah kuar ke??"
"He said not yet..baru 8cm, we have to wait for 10 cm baru senang nak push!!'
Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!! No more gas after this..I keep remind myself for not overdose taking the gas..
but that the only way to relief the pain at this stage..
Dah 8cm to 10 cm mmg stage paling sakit..tak boleh nak gambar kesakitan tu..berpusing2 atas katil..hubby keep telling for not used so much energy..Mana maunye..

1st April 2011 
12.00am to 1.00 am
After 10 - 15min, the gynea came again, and I'm ready to push, its already 10 cm..dah tak sabar sb tak boleh tahan sakit dah..
Rasenye sb banyak sgt amik gas tu, with more energy dah wasted before, I dont really have much energy to push..
Seriously, the gas and the pethidine really make me drowsy and restless..
Pethidine ni midwife datang cucuk time aku 8cm..buat bazir je..dah tak effect pape pun..
Lagi buat aku khayal n drowsy adelah..tgh mamai midwife dtg tanya nak pethidine tak..iye ajelah jawabye..
Cuma tny nak epidural tak time ni?Mesti iye kan jugak agak2nye...;)

Lucky prof and hubby sabar menunggu..she asked my hubby to calm down myself..
I really in lalalala land..langsung tak push..
Suddenly somethings has motivated me..Of course Mr Hubby yg setia memberi semangat kat tepi katil ni..
I removed the gas and started to think rationally...
Mase dalam lalala land tu boleh pikir nak c-ser plak..mengarut betul...
After that, baru lah I start pushing..after few attempts, the 3.65 kg baby boy berjaya dikeluarkan..
There were few stitches, lantaklah..asal kuar aje, tak kisah dah..
Alhamdulillah, I have safely delivered my 2nd baby at 1.00 am on natural birth..Thanks to Allah and Prof Siti for a safe and normal delivery ...Syukur!
Without hubby yang setia berdiri sambil supply gas for more than 5 hours, I guessed I will surrendered..
Thanks dear, seriously I just followed wateva u instructed me..from breathing techniques till time to start pushing, memang betul2 rely on you..I was so restless and drowsy at that time..thank you so much for being there for me..;)
Next time, please do not supply more gas to me yer bie!!
* Alah bila dah sakit, tak ingat ape dah..nanti ada yg kena marah kalau tak bagi kut...ehehehehe ;)

Welcome to the family..
Muhammad Adryan Nufael

The 1st precious hour of breastfeeding and mommy and child 1st bonding...
What a beautiful moment...Thanks to Almighty..

The first few hours..

After taking bath..

During discharged..

Rasenye pengalaman kali ni tak bnyk beza time deliver Adam..bezanya time Adam it was a first experience..
And Adryan ni plak,sb size nye yg besar sket..* sikit ke???huih tak mboh dh baby beso!!
2nd baby ni, up till the day in labor, baru baby's head started to engage..kalau tak every check up prof keep saying kepala baby tinggi lagi..
And time contractions, bleh rase baby's head turun to the right position..itu yg bertambah sakit..
Some people said, kalau gap with prev baby more than 2yrs,sakit nak bersalin macam sama prev baby..kalau gap dalam 1 year, cervix opening pun cepat and baby pun cepat lahir...owh macam tu ker...;)

InsyaAllah 3rd baby in next 3yrs..;)
Kalau tanya sy serik tak beranak???owh sekarang sy akan jawab yer!!!
Sakiiiitttttt nye!!
But seriously it was a beautiful moment in my life...and also for every mother in this world..kan??

Till then...


ishamizu said...

hehe akhirnya. Alhamdulillah bsalin normal. ;)

Nway, i pon rasa gas tu buat i became energyless n drowsy la. Time Iris n Zahin i tk pki any pain relief ok je, bsalin normal..hihi..tp ada hikmahnya i bsalin csect ni. :)

PS. u dpt tak emel i bg? ke u tk leh access ur ofis email fr home? Nti pls let me know k. :)


Alhamdulillah..apepun dear,asal selamat kn..
time Adam pun, I took that gas,tp rsnye tak seteruk yg ini..itu yg mmg penat betul..

a'a I tak boleh access my company's email from house.anything u email to my hotmail k..

K-Addicts said...

wah,bila baca ur experience ni rasa makin takut nak bersalin normal nadia oiii...hahaha...tapi bersalin tu macam mati la for me-sesuatu yang pasti kot mana2 pun kita takkan ada choice.

thanx for sharing ur beautiful plus painful experience with us. i really appreciate it! ;p doa2 la biar my turn nanti dipermudahkanNya jugak... amin.

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

bes2..sambil bfast sambil baca story nad..ahahahah..

nnti turn sy plak..adui..takutnye...:-P

Umie a'iesya said...

Subhanallah, so cute la ur baby.
Congratulation Nadya!

m@Ri@ said...

debau cheq nak beranak kali ke 2 ni..oh byk minggu lagi..takuut..

mommaholicSURI said...

Seronoknya baca experience orang2 bersalin ni tawwww. :)Macamana seriknya pun, it will be the greatest memory ever kan?

Salute betul dekat Nadia. 3.6 tu Ryan!!! And you delivered him normal! Alhamdulillah.

xyah tunggu 3 tahunla.. boleh cepat2 dapatkan girl pulak next. hhihihhihi :)

irma said...

congratulations.....cik ma pon alhamdulillah gap 3yrs...baby 1st mmg sakit 12jam....tp yg 2nd&3rd alhamdulillah lps rs sakit...dlm 4,5jam bersalin...ok lagi tu gap 3yrs...kalo 5yrs ke ats tu mmg cam deliver 1st baby lah...

Anonymous said...

Salam sis, i've bumped into ur blog coz tgh survey latest costings utk UMSC's delivery & paed cost nih...coz i'm expecting my 3rd child at anytime now...and of course with Prof Siti & Prof CT too hehe...tapi tu lah since my last labour experience was in 2008, i think the costs dah naik kan? My first child was abt 2.6k @ 2006 & 2nd 2.3k @ 2008 rasanye...so i am wondering how much is ur recent delivery costs ya? I'm expecting to be induced this friday insya allah @ 38 weeks...amin :-)

Also, i noticed u ada amik Iree's treatments right? Which ones yg u choosen, yg ada normal traditional or with clinical options tu? I baru nak test gak dorang punya service cuma tak decide which ones better for 3 days treatments?

Many thanks in advance ya!
Salam & regards,

airin diana said...

when i read ur story, yes, i can feel the pain.. mmg moment paling seksa from 8 cm to 10 cm. mcm dah hujung nyawa rsnye. luckily ada jari2 seseorang tu utk digenggam sampai nak patah..hehe (sorry mr hubby)
ps: missing ur entry la, nadia. lama tul nadia x blogging


hahhaa..jgn takut..InsyaAllah,urs one will be a safe and smooth one..Amin..
sakit tp bila baby dah kuar..happynye tak dpt digambarkan..kan..??
Alhamdulillah,kita diberi peluang merasai suatu moment yg indah sbg ibu..wah jiwang nadia..sempena nk mother's day kan..;)

hehehe..mujur tk boring bc sb pnjg..
mesti tak sbr tgu turn ek??

Umie A'iesya,
thanks dear..

Alhamdulillah..smp skrng pun mcm tk caya nadia deliver 3.65kg baby..
hehehe..tp bila dh kuar senang nak handle..dah besar..

hish..sabar lah..tk dan nak handle the 3rd one kalau Ryan kecik lagik..
U bila lagik babe??;)


owh..dah tak lama..all the best!;)

Cik Irma,
betul..2nd ni cpt sket jalan terbuka..compare 1st one..
Nadia pun dgr org kata gtu..kalau after 5yrs,mcm lahir 1st baby..ooouucchhh!!

Hi Elle..
So far,my 1st baby on 2008 too,but not much different with this time..cuma lebih sket sb this time I admitted awal sket..rsnye,tk beza sgt harga dia..
mine one a normal one,tp tk tahu harga if induced..

good luck for you..hopefully it will be a smooth and safe deliver..

btw,wonder why u kena induced..ur past experience,ur baby semua kecik2..sb gest diabetic ke?

owh yea..bout iree,I took traditional home nursing,3days treatment..so far ok..
if u want to know in detail,email me k..nadya_1901@hotmail.com

raihan said...

1st time nak comment.he22

i pun prof zawiyah jugak dulu. the best gynae..siap buat lawak time kita dok menahan sakit

had a same experience with u..lalok dgn gas..siap rasa cam terbang..i push dlm keadaan lalok.alhamdullilah semua ok

congrate s ye

wardah said...

salam nadia,

i nak tergelak baca u mamai ambil gas tu. sebab I pun sama! mmg ingat lah sampai bila². rasa dah overdose.


tq..mmg..tapi dah lalok tu,mcm nak makan aje prof ct bila buat lawak!

yeay..betul lah maksudnye..mmg overdose gas t sgt bahaya kan..
take note next time!

Thara said...

sukaaaa baca entry u niiii! reminded me of my own labor experience! :) tapi i pelik la u.. kenapa gas tu utk u extreme sgt? masa i amik gas dulu, mcm takde effect on me pon tau! rasa suffocated lagi ade la. maybe technique i sedut salah kot. hahaha. :P but masyaallah, baby ryan is so healthy! tak saba nak jumpe dia. haihs, i need to find time!

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