Monday, May 17, 2010

19 months boy!

"happy 19th months birthday Adam Mikael.."

Alhamdulillah..sebulan lagi bertambah..
at this age Adam now is 13.5 kg with 83cm tall..

Basicly his development from 18 to 19 months mmg sgt rapid..
He's growing in his vocubulary..
He starts to undertand most of the words use around him and also having a vocubulary spurt everytime we instruct him for help.

Hasil tengok Barney everyday, he starts to count 1,2,3 too..
sometimes kalau rajin 1-5..somtimes 1-3 aje..
Mommy so proud of u dear!

Adam's swimming progress,mommy think u still at the same stage..
Since mommy worry  nak lepaskan Adam dalam air..takut tak timbul2..
But yet,he starts to love swimming very very much..
Everytime nampak swimwear dia..he will starts to babblle "ming ming"..
And asked us to change him to his swimwear..
Kadang mommy bg aje Adam pakai..malas nak dengarAdam menangis..
Sampai goggle kt leher..but it really cute of u dear..

One more thing,yeap u are taller now..
In fact u able to touch the door knob and locked the door by yourself.
His fave spot is behind the door..everytime Adam berlari masuk bilik,mommy and papa pun turut berlari takut terlock kat dalam..
and him..from his hidden place..kluar and give us a "chakkk!!"..
kuss semangat terkejut mommy!!

Anak teruna mommy ni kuat lah sangat merajuk..
Sket2 kalau mommy sibok buat keje or didnt gv him attention..
Mulalah dia benamkan muka kat tilam or lantai buat nangis olok2..
Kalau papa tanya.."why Adam??"..gaya papa plak ala berlari tekejut takut pape berlaku kat Adam..
and him,angkat muka gv papa a cute smile..and continue crying olok2..
so clever of u..;)

Adam sayang,
On your 19th months birthday..which is today..
Mommy and papa is taking EL..because you are not feeling well.
*papa pun demam..sian!
You having hi fever on Sat maybe b'coz Adam follow mommy to my family day..
but it could be u starts to learn a lot of new things..
Even last nite we didnt sleep till 4am because u were super duper cranky..
plus u want all the time to be with my B..
Mommy layan aje..walaupun kdg2 geramnye rs mommy nak gigit aje hidung Adam..
But dear..mommy doa Adam grow up to be a good boy..
Keep learning and exploring new things..mommy and papa will ensure to gv u the best from us..becos we really love u soooo much.....



Adam clever boy!
Happy 19th months old!! :)
muahs! muahs!

airin diana said...

Adam big boy!!
Happy 19th Month old!!
Be a good boy tau
Dont notie2
Dont lock urself in ur mommy's room

Oh, get well soon k!

Nadine said...

Happy 19th Months Adam Mikhael yg bam bam...buat aunty guwam je. Ini kalau jumpa ni aunty kiss pipi ittuew bleh? he he..

Anonymous said...

Happy 19th months old to Muhammad Adam Mikael! ayahsu doakan adam sihat sokmo. Adam balek trg tak akhir mei nanti?Sa........yang adam.

Hanis MY said...

happy 19 months bday to clever n cute boy.. Adam..he's so cheeky la hehe.. teringin nk jumpa in person.. nice post Nadia..bila dia besar n baca ni sure dia senyum srg2..


Thanks Nuurill!

Adam dah baik demam,cuma naik red spots,after viral effect kut!
sian dia asyik garu2..

nak compete ngan pipi Faaz ni..
same2 bam bam..
boleh2!tp exchange,I gigit pipi Faaz boley??


wa..ayahsu dah pandai blogging!!
comment banyak2 lagik k!
btw,50-50 lagi balik ke dak..
tp kalau hekal sponsor birthday cake kaklong n kak ngah...ok set..!!
Adam kata sayang ayahsu gak!..
so bila Adam boley dapat Recaro seat??


tq..boley..Hanis balik M'sia bila??
nanti kalau ter ke Jepun ke..nadia g jumpa Hanis..berangan sunggoh!!

tu lah..nadia buat blog pun supaya bila Adam besar nanti dia boleh baca..n tgk pix time kecik..
plus..comments aunty n uncle tersayang!

zahira said...

alahai...kesian adam...skrg musim demam...ziqri pon demam, batuk, flu...


a'a..panas sgt skrang..
tapi mujurlah demam dia tak berlarutan..

Thara said...

congratulations adam! ure a big boy now! auntie thara is sorry i didnt get to follow your milestone for quite a while -- ive been super bz!

looking fwd for more updates from u! :)

mummy_adam said...

Hello big boy :)

Happy 19th months old!!


tq dear..
Adam tau aunty bz..Adam tak sabr nak g birthday bash Aydein..;)
say hi to Aydein!!


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