Wednesday, May 12, 2010

still in mother's day mode??

hehe..u guys still in mother's day mode??
I was busy with training and lot of urgent things popped banyak entry delayed..

owh nothing intresting on mother's day itself, since we just spent time at home...
My 2 boys busy occupied their times while mommy doing her thesis..;( bored!
Malas actually nak kuar on weekend, since most of the place mesti full with people..
With the promotions here and there..mmg sgt teruja apa kan daya..malas and many things to do..
Even che mimi ajak g wondermilk pun mommy tolak bulat2..huhuhu..;)

Fortunately,last 2 wks when my mother and the 2 bodyguards came down to Shah Alam,
so we took this oppurtunity to celebrate Mother's Day at Marche The Curve..
What special about this mother's day..we celebrate for 3,mommy and future mommy to be che mimi..
*she was so excited even baby belum kuar pun lagik!

*gambar sipi2 aje ade..

Adam was super cranky that afternoon..
end up we just able to snap few pix only..;(

Lucky I managed to drop by the BR for a small piece of cake..
and yeap, we started to snap pix after all the meals done..

hehe the 2 bodyguards, kamel and hekal not in the pix..
sorry guys!

tgk Adam excited bila nmpk cake..
lepas dah makan sket, think he knows that is berry verry strawberry..
which he like most!

so..he started to be like after that...


not only Adam..che mimi pun sama..yeha..!!

Just after eating the ice cream, Adam started to play..
mood dah better sket..;)




Even we just spent few hours there,
need to send the 1st bodyguard ayahchik kamel to airport..
Its such a wonderful gathering..

mimi and yein

that was the 2nd body guard..ayahsu hekal

the 1st bodyguard tokma ayahchik kamel..

p/s: thanks to Mr Hubby for sweet suprise for the slice of cake on Sunday..
ooo..kawtem ngan Adam duorang yer!!
hehe Adam tak pandai kawtem..dia hmpir2 bocor kan rahsia tmpt u hide the cake..;0
..n the edc shirt..tqtq..sgt2 suka..;)

and for che mimi...cepat2 launch blog tu..exam kan dah habis!!

ntah lah..bila lame dah  lama tak post entry..macam janggal plak nak buat karangan...
huhuhu..till then..



Best nyer dapat celebrate together-gether!! :)

Nadia, berry verry strawberry tu best x cake nyer? It looks so yummy. Adam mesti sangat suka. I baru bagi Oman tasted raw strawberry malam semalam. terkemut-kemut muka dia.. But he likes it!! hehehe.

Thara said...

omg the berry very strawberry cake looks so yummylicious! nak jugak nak jugak!

Hanis MY said...

Happy mother's day Nadia...bestnya.. teringin nk makan jugak kat Marche tu, macam menarik je.. tapi ntah bila la huu...


a'a Nuurill..
kebetulan plak!

Adam suka sgt verryberry strawberry tu..hehe actually mommy dia yg terlebih2..
tp cake dia tu sweet sgt2..
overall ok eskrem dia ok!

Adam loves strawberry tu..walapun buat muka,2nd time suap,telan aje ;)

mesti cute Oman buat muka terkemut2 kan!


mmg best,sb I love b.v.s soooo much..
but can change to gold medal ribbon too..u love that flavor kan??

thanks dear..
btw Hanis bila lagik nak jadik mommy nih..;)
bila balik M'sia..??

Nadine said...

Happy Mother's Day Nadia :)

Seronoknya sambut dgn ibu tersayang. I thn ni tak dpt, my mom pegi holiday la pulak..*sob*

RuZaNNa said...

Wahh the cake looks really delicious.. now sy rasa i'm the only one yg unfamiliar with BR's cakes.. nampak sgt tak biasa makan.. hehehe


oww..bestnye, ur mom g holiday mane??
lucky this year boleh celebrate wit my mom..selalunye wish aje thru phone ..;)

Nadia pun never try before..kebetulan ada mother's day I grabbed aje..but seriously I cant be their die hard fan for cakes..since the cakes was so sweet,tak leh telan ..but the eskrem..mmg tak boleh tolak!

zahira said...

wah...meriahnya celebrate mother's day ;-)


hehehe..biasa2 aje lah ;)

SyahNas80 @ Nana said...

So sweet... Anyway hepi belated mothers day to u... Hihi


tq nana.:)

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