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Alhamdulillah, Adam Mikael turns 3 today. Time flies so fast, tup tup dah masuk 3 tahun. Macam baru je celebrate his 2 years birthday dulu. Kalau last year, kami celebrate 2 weeks lambat, this time plak 2 week awal. Gara2nye nak celebrate with the whole family time my parents datang for my convocation. Sorrylah, mommy and papa tak sempat nak buat big birthday bash for you this year. But for sure, he was the happiest person that night! We went to Miam Cafe Bukit Jelutong, the cosy place and that was our 2nd visit. Food mmg terbaek. Later I will review at my next entry k! Since Adam was so addicted with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately, we decided to have Mickey Mouse red and black theme. 

During the preparation..
Still frust sb takde balloons, smp2 Balloon Buzz dah tutup!!grrrr!!!

The lovely and yummylicious cake from Heavenly Slice..
*thanks Ana!!* pack for Adam and Nuh..

Make a wish boy..
"hmmm...I wish for...."

He blew all the candles himself.Clap clap!!

Dah blew candles..hi 5!!

Cake cutting..

and yummeh...!!!

The happy Adam Mikael!!

The 3 heroes ..

Makan time..

It was a great nite. We enjoyed the fabulous food while chit chating and everyone seems so happy that night. Sambil2 makan, sesi bergambar macam biasa..

The happy family...

Che Mimi's family..

Adryan pun nk jadik Minnie Mouse yer..

With the b'day boy..

Adryan also celebrated his 6 mos old b'day that night...

Ngap!!Makan bola!!!

With Eysu Hekal..

The happy Nuh Haziq!!

And the best dresser of the night..sape lagik kalau bukan the Minnie "Mimi" Mouse..
Memang masuk theme gile..
Cayalah Che Mimi!!!

Our small and happy family!!

Thanks to Mr Photographer of the nite!!

Abang Adam ..
Mommy, papa & Yayen love u so much..
We pray for your good health and grow up to be a smart and soleh boy!
Happy 3 years old Adam!!!

ps: We had planned for another surprise b'day celebration for him last night..Wait for next entry ya!!

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Nadine said...

Meriahnya birthday Adam..comel2 belaka semua org ikut theme mickey mouse. hihi :)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Adam! Dah boleh pegi school la ;)

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