Friday, October 7, 2011

my 6 months old lil' Ryan!!

* Disclaimer : This entry has been written on 1st October 2011. But due to the writer yg buta IT, the mission to upload entry using  blogger-droid apps, end up with the entry fail to be published. Mode:Aku sengal ke, blogger-droid tu yg sengal!!!Apa2 pun sila layan...*

1st October remarked the half year age for lil Ryan.Yeap,Ryan already 6mos old. How time flies.Memory bersalin aritu masih fresh je lagik.*Bagus bagus =)*

Picture taken on his 6mos b'day..

Time menaip entry ni, Ryan was besides me,tak boleh duduk diam,abis muka mommy nye kena peluk n cium.Tak kira kena cakar lagi. Aouchhh!!

His 6 months development, rasenye almost the same like Adam.Dah boleh meniarap tegap,tapi still takde gigi.His hand grips the things very well now.Jadinye Abg Adam memang suka bagi toy kat Ryan,cuma we all plak yang risau bila si Ryan duk pegang toy cugginggton Adam,karang jatuh padan muka.

Asyik nak memusing je,harus cari seat for him secepat mungkin!!

6mos also remarked Adryan has passed the 1st step of my 2years fully breastfeeding project.*6months exclusive bf dah dpt diploma!* Alhamdulillah,bersyukur di atas peluang yang diberikanNya.*Clap clap to Ryan for good coopeartions too* My ebm stock pun still at very convenient level,and still determined to continously pump to ensure stock ebm tak drop to paras jaga-jaga.hehehe!!*Thanks to fs for keeping my spirit to pump*

Another happy thing,6mos also a gate for Ryan to enjoy eating.Sian Ryan asyik meleleh air liur tgk kitorang makan.InsyaAllah next entry will write the 1st moment Ryan start eating.

Ryan and his bro's fave mickey!!

"Yayen!!chakkk!!" versi Abg Adam..

Actually this is my first trial using bloggerdroid.Ntah apa hasilnye!!! *Hasilnye tak boleh to be published..error 404..grrr ntah pape aku tak paham!!!

Ok!!Have a great weekend everyone!!
*ni baru tadi taip..bukan yg lepas yer =)


lydzar said...

congrates mommy..congrates rayyan..keep on chayo3! hehee

ishamizu said...

Congrats dear! My son pon tak lama lg msk 6 bln. 4 hr lg. ;)

madammondoq said...

ryan sebijik ikut muka u lah.. cute!!

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