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[Reading 4 Beginners] : On reading methods

Alhamdulillah, rase bersyukur sgt akhirnya dah faham sedikit sebanyak pasal method to teach my kids to read. Hasil menuntut ilmu dengan mama ct kat early edu kids seminar hari tu lah. Kalau dulu, seriously tak tahu macamana nak start. Google pun macam2 keluar, alih pening sorang2. Rase rugi sgt sb macam lewat introduce this to Adam. Walaupun minat dekat buku tu  Alhamdulillah dari kecil dah disemai, tapi enjoyment tak sampai tahap dia boleh enjoy baca buku sendiri. Nevermind, better late  than never aight!! 

So one of the important thing yg mama ct share masa seminar aritu, antaranya kenalpasti method yang kita nak pakai. Actually kat sini most difficult part *for me lah kut* Sebab kita pun tak pasti apa method yg ada sebenarnya. Now bila dah faham, dah tahu, even skrang dah boleh plan yg mana sesuai untuk anak-anak saya. Tq so much Ct!!

{slides from earlyedukids seminar,tq ct for  allowing me to share this}

So there are 2 main methods yg commonly used which are phonics and sight reading. So now, I’ve been using both method for my 2 kids, Adam and Ryan. Of course for Ryan I used sight reading, while Adam I started with sight reading as well. But looking at him yg dah besar, and video yg I yg I introduce tu kurang menarik minat dia, so now I more focus on phonics method. Lagipun dekat school, he’s currently learning phonics method too – the Montessori reading method (they are using flash cards and Adam pun balik nyanyi sounds jugak), so I decided to just continue whatever he has started at school. 

So, this basically what I did now..

I have set my own target to help Adam to able to read by end of this year. I made a milestone chart for me to track the milestone while planning the steps by steps in reading. Alhamdulillah, every night after solat Isya’ we will have activity at least 15 min per day (but mostly sb dia excited selalunya sampai 9.30pm – 10pm jugaklah). While Ryan plak, suka hati dia je kadang dia ikut kadang tak. But seriously after 2,3 kali tengok My Baby Can Read video, he started to recognize few words like clap, wave, toes etc..Alhamdulillah. 

Adam currently using to help him to learn phonics.
If u see the picture, there 4 stages kids need to go through before they able to start to read.

This is the first level - Let's get ready to read.
For me this is the most important stage. Adam needs to familiar and memorize all the 26 sounds and the characters inside each alphabet as it will keep on repeating at the other stages.

I try as much not to stress up Adam to finish up each level accordingly. Instead try to make learning more fun. Nanti every night bila nak ajak belajar pun dia happy and volunteer himself. Learning should be fun!
*although mommy pun tired, just spend least at15 min per day!*

Enjoy learning with

Each alphabet, ada provide activity nak recall and memorize the sounds  through coloring and writing activity. So, I normally suruh Adam buat 3 alphabet je and then we do activity.

Alhamdulillah, improve his coloring skill as well..

  So every night before start learning phonics at website, we normally will sing this alphabet sounds together
through this video..

*mommy & papa tompang belajar sama*

And if you're asking for Ryan, we started on this My Baby Can Read Part 1 Video..

*using the sight reading method*

Other than that, I also started to use book (which actually more on sight reading) for Adam. Well, its surprising me on how fast he able to read book now. And most important thing, how proud he was when he able to finish each page until the last page. Actually it's does motivate him to read more!*proud mommy* Thanks a lot ct for all of your precious knowledge. Tak tahu macamane nak explain, terhutang budi sgt =) Now I know what to do and I'm enjoying it so much. InsyaAllah will update more on next entry! See ya. 

ps: mommy pun sekarang dah tahu sket2 pasal phonics. Q sounds 'qua qua'..hhiks!!


Lina said...

tq for sharing.. will definitely try this method on my daughter.

My Love.. said...

need to practice these methods as we to buy that apps?

mcmana nk join klas kak ct?

mommynadia said...

My pleasure Lina :)

mommynadia said...

Its free at their website tapi kalau iad ada,kn bayar :)

mommynadia said...

Next seminar will be in Apr but in JB :)

ibu adam said...

Good job mommy n Adam!
Thanks for sharing also!

ibu adam said...

Good job mommy n Adam!
Thanks for sharing also Nadia!! :)

Nadine said...

alhamdulillah, congrats dear and bravo adam! good job mommy. thanks for the tips babe! love this entry :)

Lina said...

Nadia, please do share more on early childhood education... I will snap pix of us trying the method and the progress and tag u on istagram... tq again!

hanameera's said...

proud of u nadia!

despite of a our hectic schedule as a working mom, dpt spend 15 mins per dayy pun dh cukup kan?

** alhamdulillah, hana dah hafal lagu Barbara Miller tu..rasa berbaloi pergi seminar tu ;)

very inspiring la Nadia..nak jadi serajin u lah!


mama ct said... soo happy with adam progress!...Alhamdulillah knowladge y g Allah bless me with benefits others too...baca entry nad rasa macam nak buat seminar banyak2 lagi...semoga semua super moms dapat rasa apa yg kita rasa bila anak kiter blooms depan mata ni! kan nad! and kurine too!

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