Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winner of Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES ...

We already have winner for a prompt contest from my previous entry 

Golden question is to guess the kid in blue shades from the below picture ...

Who am I??


Yippiee...I'm Adam ...
*Adam at his 19 months old*

So the first winner with correct answer is...
jeng jeng jeng....

This will be yours darling...
Congratulations !!!
 *clap clap* ...
Do email me your details - name, address and hp no for delivery of the prize..

Thanks everyone for joining..
*ramai yg dapat jawap betul pun =)*

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

“Is your face sun-protected?”

To be frank, I just rely on the moisturiser plus the compact powder used every morning to work. *bobby brown compact is SPF 12 + moisturiser is SPF 15 * Which surely not enough to protect my skin from the bad UV rays. Not good!! +___+

When I received a parcel content of Banana Boat product *thank you so much darling =)*, I re-called to my last time using this product. Shame on me, it was during my uni time. I was actively involved sports specially with netball team during my uni time, and to avoid sunburn, this Banana Boat sun protector has being my friend for many years. *time kat MRSM, active jugak, tapi tak kisah jaga kulit time tu..hahahah* My must carry thing for every training and tournaments. Specially when tournaments held at football field, confirmed game from morning till afternoon, if I wasn't used sun protector that time, pretty sure tomorrow pergi kelas muka legam!Duhs!!

My first wining at UTM during orientation week. Terus serap masuk college team and uni team *walaupun team uni tu barisan pelapis je lah, dah ramai state player kat sane*
*gigih ok balik kg aritu amik gmbar*

After many years of ignorance,yes, I should start to use sunblock again. No more excuse mommy! Not only when involve outdoor activities, even being indoors *at work specially* is no excuse for us to neglect our daily sun protection routine. Why? Sun protection is a must because UV rays penetrate glass and are reflected from surfaces such as windows, water and even sand. The sun's UVA rays, which penetrate the skin and cause the premature aging, and UVB rays which cause the skin to darken and burn. Ouchh!! These combination will break down the structure of our skin leaving it dull and lacking in elasticity. Over the years, sun-damages becomes more apparent in the form of deeper wrinkles around eyes and mouth as well as the pigmentation, which appear as age spots. To help prevent on this, using an effective sun protection is the important weapon for us! Haiyarkkk!

Good info about UV rays, check it here!

I'm no longer involve actively in sports anymore, *admit that* except once in while go for swimming, but I do agreed that when our kids growing up, we spent a lot of time doing fun outdoor activities with them. True right? I do concern about my kids sun screen protection, but to be sad, I never bother about myself and my skin protection specially. ;'(

Preparation when doing outdoor activities for kids..

Ensure well protected son!

Go-karting activity also need us to spend hours under the hot sun..
Mr Hubby surely need this sun block too for this weekend karting activity..yeha!

Swimming as well..

*jangan tak tahu,swimwear pun ada sun protection hehehe*

This will be my best companion soon..

What so specially about this new product?

Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 is formulated for everyday lightweight and lasting wear, and enriched with botanical extracts of tamarind, cotton and stevia. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, Banana Boat products are Sun-Tested, Sun-Proven® protection against the sun’s rays. In addition, Banana Boat’s AvoTriplex® Technology combines:

  • Avobenzone, a powerful absorber of UVA rays which cause long-term skin damage. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin’s dermis and hypodermis layers to cause long-term harm to the skin.
  • UVB absorbers to protect against the burning effects of the sun. Without proper protection, UVB rays penetrate the skin’s epidermis layer, causing it to burn within minutes, depending on your skin type.
  • A photo-stabilizing agent to maintain longer-lasting sun protection without breaking down so easily.
Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 comes in 60ml units and is available at RM32.90 at all chain pharmacies, retail stores and hypermarkets. Go grab now ladies!!

Hold on darls..
I have one free Banana Boat Ultra Protect Faces SPF 50 special for my loyal reader...
Yes, u heard me rite!

Answer this easy peasy question and drop comment with your best answer down there. The first reader who answer with correct question will stand to win this product worth RM 32.90.
*comment will not be publish for public view*
Put down your email as well, senang nak contact nanti =)

The golden question is?
Who was the kid with the blue shades on the picture above? Is it Adam or Ryan?

Send me your answer now...

I leave u guys with this picture, googled from internet..

Sanggup ke nak pakai sun protection mask ni??


A visit to Brainybunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM) Open Day ..

Since we have made pre-booking for Adam pre-school couples of weeks ago at this school *ehem ehem the green school as being told earlier*, we have been invited for their Open Day at Campus Putra Height/ USJ. Seriously, mommy Adam paling excited habis. I was so eager to visit this new campus. Previous visit pun, tempat tu belum fully set up, so banyak yang tak siap, tak best lah kan. So we went there on Sunday morning, *haha since entry lama duk pending as draft, actually 2 minggu lepas dah*. After pre-registration at the counter, dapat goodie bag jugak, *I loike* , we straight away made our moved to their pre-school class at first level. We reached there around 10am, *not mistaken*, and we were really sure that was not Adam's nap time. But he was so excited smp susah nak control. Lari sini sana, not behaved well langsung. Pening mommy and papa tengok. I assumed because, before this, we kept on telling him that he will get chance to visit his green school. We also told him that green is very exciting place and fun. Agaknye, tu dia enjoy to the fullest. Nasiblah aunties kat situ, tengok dapat true color anak I yg super active. Hahahha!! Since, I dapat 2,3 kali visit and study their method of islamic montessori, and apparatus yg dia pakai. So I tak spent time lama sgt lah at each station.

Learning area..

Setiap subjek diasingkan mengikut color. And each color will represent max of 15 kids at one group. All the kids will be supervised with one aunty and that aunty  which also their teacher will teach them from one section to another section follow their daily schedule. So senang kata, aunty tu nanti boleh tengok perkembangan anak kita. There will be no homework or exam, and each kid will assessed daily by using the assessment list. The group of 15 kids were combined from 4-6 years old kids.

Each section such maths, language, wisdom, Iqra etc etc, there will be apparatus to be used by the kids.
To ensure the kids not simply play with all the apparatus, the first few weeks, student will be teach with the ground rules to behave at their school.

Dining area..
Each group of kids will have their own time for brekkie, lunch tine and tea..

Monthly menu..
*ada catering, so tak de lah aunties kat situ duk masak-memasak*

A very spacious mussola where the islamic subject will be teach here..
Kids also will have their solat berjemaah daily hare for Zuhur and Asar. And before starts class, the kids will perform dhuha prayers daily too... 

At the same area with preschool, there is one corner for playhouse, for kids between 18months - 3 years. The place is so cute..

Budak bambam pun tompang enjoy sekali..

Cute plak, kecik2 dah belajar kan..

All the kids enjoyed playing toy so much..
Bukan toy sgt pun..hehehe

At this new campus, BBIM will start their 1st elementary school too. Basicly for next year enrolment So, amik peluang lah jenguk sekali. Seriously sgt lah kagum, cantik sgt. Best gile kalau time kita dulu pun ada chance pergi sekolah macamni. Hahaha mommy berangan =)

Each class dia ada mini garden at back and front yard..
If u see the picture above, class dia separated by that grey wall...

Our first visit is at Maths Class..
All with red theme, from carpet, curtain and wording..

Adam enjoyed using the friction apparatus..

Moved to Science class..
Green theme..

And art class..
Blue theme..
*that's the mini garden at front yard*

They will learn musics here..ada guitar, violin and drum set..

Art and craft section..

My fave..

Gardening section..

Not mistaken, this is at language class..

"Aunty look!! Its piggy"
Oppps =)
Piggy pun ada yer...

Mini garden at backyard..
The 2 excited boys..

Moved to second level...
Ada dining hall for elementary students, gym centre, and musolla..

Gym centre..

Semangat Adam nak main ping pong..

Seriously, elementary school diorang mmg impressive habis. They still using Islamic Montessori concept and syllabus plak pkai Cambridge  punya. By the way, elementary class dia sekarang diorang baru launch utuk students 7-9 years old.

For Adam case, InsyaAllah, rasenya hati dah tertambat kat sini. Pray for a smooth journey. Heard about few incidents happened at other BBIM campus, really hope that was a very rare case. And I pray Adam will have chance to explore and learn more here. Yang penting having lot of fun leaning. If everything goes well, Ryan pun boleh jugak enrol for playschool prog, tapi biar abis tempoh ebm and cd dulu lah. Senang sket =) 

The goodies received..

Cepat lah next year, tak sabar nak hantar anak pergi sekolah ni...weee =)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Winner of Mini Giveaway by Fabulous Motherhood ...

Assalamualaikum and Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha u'olls. 

Sebok betul beraya mommnadia kali ni, memang putus dengan dunia IT sekejap. No blogging, no twitter, no insta apetah lagik facebook. Cuti singkat sgt, bnyk benda nak buat, tak sempat langsung rasenya. Today start working,  time rehat, baru teringat, contest mini giveaway yg berlangsung almost 2 weeks end up last Friday, time raya haji tu. hehhe. Takpelah, walaupun tak ramai contestants, *agak hadiah tak menarik kut hahaha* tapi still kena go on jugak. Nak extend2 lagik pun, ada bnyk lagik contest nak buat. *dah jadik blog contest ke ni wink!!* So below is the final name list. 3 contestants semua ...

Since, the contestant just need to upload the video of Samsung Ecobubble by Lina Teoh, the lucky winner will be chosen up using the ...

So, who's gonna be the lucky winner for Mini GA by Fabulous Motherhood....

Yup, the winner is ...

Congrats darl!!
Nanti Nadia email Jie to get your detail address to post the prize...

Thank you so much for your participations..
There will be more contests coming up soon..
Stay tuned..
*hadiah lebih menarik u'olls...janji =)*

ps: Arini dpt email dr Cik Lily Putih, contest Lori Oreo Comel yg I masuk aritu dah kuar results. Tak dpt lori pun, dapat consolations prize *misteri prize kata CLP* pun takpe lah. Janji den menang!Weee =) Cekidaut here!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mini Giveaway by Fabulous Motherhood ....

* sticky post, scroll down for new update*

Have u guys watched the Samsung Ecobubble video from my previous entry?? If yes, how do you find it??I love the ads so much, simple and so cute. Btw, I have a mini giveaway for my blog reader related to the video advertisement. As usual, not to worry, it such an easy peasy giveaway. 

All you need to do is:

1. To share the video of "Laundry room fun with Lina Teoh and the Samsung Ecobubble™ " below with your blog readers with title Let's Ecobubble with Fabulous Motherhood Mini Giveaway..

You may also use this link to search the video

2. Share your entry permalink at comment below with your email address and id follower.

                                                               Small gift to be won by ONE lucky winner...

RM 20 voucher from Nando's ...

Hurry up, send up your entry now..
This mini giveaway will end on 26th October 2012 at 11.59pm..
One lucky winner will be randomly pick up by and the winner will be announce on 29th Oct 2012..

Good luck everyone...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WW: Public phone training ...

Location: Subang Parade

"Che mimi tengah goreng ikan??"

"Omma, Adam nak balik rumah Omma malam ni taww!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kleenex Blogger Contest Prize. Weee!!!

Ingat lagik tak entry pasal blogger contest winning that day I post?Cekidaut here! Yeap, I was one from the 10 consolations prize winners. Happy sgt u, jarang menang contest, imagine je lah tahap happy, tak usah ckp ;) I pun tak sure menang ape, bila tgk shilashower *one of the winner too* instagrammed bgtau menang stock 6 bulan tissue, baru tau. And yesterday baru dpt official email, selain stock bath tissue kleenex, for 6 months supply, dapat RM200 250 shopping voucher as well. Yeay!!!I loike =) Tapi last weekend, delivery stock 6 bulan tu dah smp, mak aiiii macam nak pitam tengok. Kalau untuk my family, setahun pun tahan ni. Hahhaha!!

Inspection during delivery... 

Nak juga posing..

Sebab lepas tu..

Diorang susun-susun...

And buat jadik toy car..

Lepas tu buat selerak...
Ape lagik, bawak masuk bilik store lah jawabnye..

Apapun, thanks alot Kleenex..
My house wangi sgt with all the tissues...

ps: Btw, I have great news for all my readers too. There will be a contest for Kleenex tissue coming over at Fabulous Motherhood. Hadiah pun best!! Stay tuned k ;) #kleenex #ultrasoftfreshbathtissues

On 17th Oct 2012 ..

It was Adam Mikael real b'day...hahaha, after the pre-celebration session, there come the real one. Susah jugak nak explain bila dia pun mula confuse, dah berapa kali nak tiup lilin n sang b'day song kan. Layankan aje Adam, lagipun anak mommy ni memang gemar betul celebrate b'day ek?*macam mommy mase kecik ler '_'* But he still waiting for his real b'day cake. Semua tiup pun complimentary cake hahhaa.*save cost punya parents* The last decision he made was to have mickey mouse combine with Ben-10 cake. Ok, mommy also cannot imagine how this two characters to be on your b'day cake. *pitam* Tengoklah nanti hasilnye. We planned to have it the post celebration at his kindy, probably after Raya Haji, mommy pun tak order cake lagik ni =( 

So on 17th Oct itself, we promised him for small family dinner. Of course lah, tak mau pergi jauh, Subang Parade aje yer Adam. And its was our first time to dine in at TGIF SP. Selama ni kalau nak ber"TGIF" mesti nak ke OU, Sunway Pyramid ker, The Curve ke kan, sekali tgk kat SP, punya lah best. Luas and sgt lah family oriented restaurant.*siap dgn restroom yg sgt luas n bersih, thumbs up* And the staff pun sgt lah friendly yg amat. Lepas ni boleh ler ber"TGIF" selalu yer Mr Hubby =)

From one angle...

Just a normal family dinner, we order our fave steak and get the kids free meal as well. Hahahaha, never missed to get free meal!!Harharhar!!

Steak and pasta..
Ryan ate that paste alot..seriously, budak kecik ni kuat makan...

For b'day boy..
Fish and chip..

Nachos for Ryan..
Oppps for Ryan's parents actually..

Since there were 3 b'day celebrations at TGIF on that night, Adam dah tahu, lepas ni mesti turn dia pulak...
When I told him, that he not gonna have his b'day cake that night, marah betul...
So when the TGIF crews came with his b'day cake, senyum lebar ler Adam Mikael...

*video tak boleh upload lah plak, sobsob*

Well, actually its not a cake, they gave few scoops of ice cream with cream toppings..

Sebelum balik, seperti biasa, bergambar dulu..
Tapi susahnye nak bergambar betul2..

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Adam!!

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