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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Siri Bacalah Anakku, ReadEasy & Al-Furqan


I have good news to share. For school holidays preparation nanti, plan nak start Adam baca buku Malay plak. My friend pernah suggest Siri Bacalah Anakku antara yang bagus. Bila google, publisher siri tersebut pun publish Read Easy, siri mudah untuk ajar English melalui kaedah phonics. And best part ada cara mudah belajar Al-Quran jugak. Lepas ni complete set boleh start teach Adam and Ryan kat rumah disamping buku-buku sedia ada.

Semua keluaran tersebut produk Malaysia dan tersangatlah murah.

For each book, I offer price reduction for 10% discount!
Woot woot!

Siri Cepat Membaca Bacalah Anakku

Edisi baru RM 39.90
Combine purchase : 36
Postage RM 9

 Early Reading Series ReadEasy Phonics Beginner's Level

Now edition: RM 44.90
Offer: RM 40
Postage RM 9

Siri Cepat Membaca Al-Quran Al Furqan
Harga Pasaran : RM 29.90
Combine Purchase: RM 26
Postage RM 7

Hurry up, grab this offer today!
Visit or
Whatsapp 019-315 4995 for purchase and enquiries!


Malaysia Islamic Children's Fair (MICF) 2013

Assalamualaikum ..
For Mommies & Daddies..
Let's mark our calendar for the very first Islamic Children's Fair in Malaysia from 22nd till 24th Nov 2013 at Shah Alam Convention Centre, Selangor.
*selalu pergi baby expo, kali ni kita pergi Islamic expo khas untuk kids' Islamic education plak*

What is MICF 2013?

"The Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair (MICF) is the first of its kind. It aims to provide the necessary means for a holistic approach to Islamic education for Muslim children. It is the aim of the founders to provide an avenue that allows children to access resources and support via education to build the necessary knowledge and skill in order to hone the needed leadership quality to lead the ummah.
The aims and objectives of Islamic education have been defined in the Recommendation of the Committee of the First World Conference on Muslim Education as:
Education should aim at the balanced growth of the total personality of man through training of the human spirit, intellect, rational self, feelings and senses. The training imparted to a Muslim must be such that faith is infused into the whole of his/her personality and creates in him/her an emotional attachment to Islam and enables him to follow the Al-Quran and Sunnah and be governed by Islamic system of values willingly and joyfully so that he/she may proceed to the realization of his/her status as Khalifatullah to whom God has promised authority of the universe."
There are so many fun activities scheduled during these 3 days expo for children as well as parents such as coloring contests, Pencarian Muazzin Muda, Final Super Zickr & Little Ibn Sina, Flight Simulators and so much more. Over 100 exhibition booths will be joining the very first Islamic Fair in Malaysia with so many products stuffs for early Islamic learning, little Muslim/Muslimah wears and many more interesting stuffs for children!

Another interesting activity is MICF Conference which will be discussing on very good topics related with parenting from the best speakers specially invited to this conference!
The conference titled  "Transforming Today's Children into World Leaders" are targeting parents and educators to be at same hall and discussing this great topic from various point views.
Don't forget to register your self for this informative conference!
For more info about this expo and latest news on contest and activities, do visit their website at
Click on their face book page and 
email  for any enquiries.

Don't forget!

Monday, October 28, 2013

[Advertisement]: Special Promotion PB Corset with FREE Short Bra!

Salam all..

For those who been waiting for very SPECIAL PROMOTION for hot-selling 
PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL Corset, there you go...
With a purchase of one set Premium Beautiful Corset, 
you will receive FREE Premium Beautiful SHORT BRA worth RM 500!! *T&C applied*

Let see the benefits of this short bra!

Many have tested and agree with the comfort of this bra.
One of it from Top Leader of Glampreneur, Sha Khalid 
Read the full article HERE!!

And from the CDM celebrity, Hanis Haizi who is pregnant right now and obviously cant wear the Long Bra. 
She's wearing Premium Beautiful Short Bra now to give fully support and comfy.

So what are you waiting for?

With the Super Brand Award (the only Corset that received the certification), with LIFETIME Warranty, for beauty and health..
Now with this promotion, you will get more!!!

Super Brand Award PB Corset..
You may view the description of each piece of the corset HERE!

This promotion only valid for 4 days starting today until 
31st October 2013 (Thursday)!

Kindly email Airin Diana Anuar at for all enquiries
or contact her handphone no: 017-6511966 for more info about the product.
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Within this Limited Time ONLY.

ps: Kalau tak caya tengok pengguna tegar PB ni sendiri, Airin ..mmg phewiittt!
=) *jangan marah beb!*

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Special Promo at FM Lil' Shop..

Kindly visit for more info.

Fill up this form when u decided to purchase ya!

Any enquiries, please do not hesitate to email us at

Promo ends on 28th Oct 2013..
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 years young!

The big brother Adam Mikael has just turned 5 years on last 17th October.
Seriously, my eldest son is already  5 years, macam tak caya.
Cepat sgt mase berlalu, following years nak sekolah rendah plak.
Owh mommy masih perasan muda. lol!

We did not planned any birthday bash for him this year. Obviously his early birthday present few days before his big day, has just really made him smile and be the most happiest kid on earth! =)

A short trip to JB and Legoland Malaysia..
*tiap-tiap berzikir tepi telinga, skrng dah diam*
Will share more story on our short vacay soon!

Yet, we still ordered a small cake for celebration at his school.
Tiap2 bulan duk tny bila turn b'day dia nak celebrate kat school. Nak tgu bulan 10, penat tengok kawan2 je bawak cake and party pack haha. Kids!

This year theme is Disney Planes!
Instead of edible image, we decided to put the plane itself on cake!

Unfortunately, the birthday boy was unwell on his big day.
He got ear infection and lacked sleep on the night of his birthday. 
Hubs even took him to emergency at 3am too! Pity boy!
So, we just brought cake to school the next morning, had simple cake cutting and sent him again to clinic for further check up.

Unwell birthday boy with his lil brother who was so eager to eat cake since the night we collected the cake!
Owh Ryan! Mommy knew you not sleep well too that night!
Celik mata terus tny cake! Ryan Ryan!!

2 planes on the small cake! That not the original plan.
Ryan suruh letak dia punya plane jgak!
Nah sesak ok track..layan kan aje.

Again, thanks Ana from Heavenly Slice for this lovely cake.
Dah tahun kelima order dengan dia. Baker rasmi keluarga lah hahaha =)

Celebrated with his group mate..

Recite doa makan..

Little things inside the party pack..

Just a small celebration, pity the boy not really enjoyed the day..
Had medicine and sleep all day.
And he had enuff rest the whole weekend. 
Alhamdulillah getting better now.

Adam Mikael,
Mommy and papa are so proud to have you..
You such a genius child. Although sometimes, u really turned mommy to green momster and papa to red angry bird, but we understood, its part of your growth.
We pray everyday u will be a good and genius Muslim boy, a good child to mommy and papa, a responsible brother to your lil brother Ryan (walaupun dia suka sgt usik kamu!) and good boy to everyone!
May you grow healthier and enjoy your fun learning..

We love you so much Muhammad Adam Mikael..

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[SPECIAL PROMO]: Baby Khalifah Series ONLY RM 75!!


Baby Khalifah Series is one of our bestseller for Islamic products for children aged 2 ~ 5 years old.
Special promo for 2 days!!
         Grab Baby Khalifah Series  for ONLY RM 75 per box with postage via Poslaju RM10.                (Total is RM85). 
Woot woot!!

Buy more to enjoy further reduction;
Purchase 3 boxes of BKS to enjoy additional saving up to RM 15!
(Hint : do combine purchase with ur family and frens to enjoy this special reduction)

This gonna happen for 2 days only, so don't miss it.
Last payment to confirm purchase before 11.59 pm on 23rd Oct 2013.

Email me at for enquiries. 
Kindly fill up this form if you interested to purchase:

Let's have fun learning with BKS!

Monday, October 21, 2013

FM Lil' Shop on Instagram (@earlylearningshopmy)..

FM Lil' Shop now officially on Instagram..
We try to provide a platform whereby purchase of early learning stuffs can be made through simple step at Instagram..
InsyaAllah, now working to launch our online blog shop. Real soon. InsyaAllah..
Pray for a smooth journey for FM Lil' Shop..Ameen!

Do follow us for more update on new products and special promo!

Play, Learn and Have Lots of Fun with FM Lil' Shop..

Thursday, October 17, 2013

15% Discount on Leap Frog Creativity Camera for Little Kiddos!!

Hi everyone..
I have new cool gadget for little children..
My kiddos did enjoyed it too!

Special offer 15% for first 10 customers!
I need few more before close order tomorrow at 10 am.

Special promo for first 10 customers | Leap Frog Camera | Compatible with iphone 4, 4s & 5 and ipod | Free Leap Frog software for picture editting | Work as handphone protection/ casing for kids usage | Retail price RM 69 | Special offer 15% disc [RM58] with postage RM7 via Poslaju | Total RM 65 | Serious buyers only | Send detail address and contact no to email : | Postage will be done on Saturday (19th Oct) |
 More picture check out #leapfrogcamera | 
Hurry up =)

Bought this camera for lil bambam yg sgt suka main camera and pretend to be a photographer. Cool stuff, letak iphone and download their free apps, boleh snap pic and edit :) Handphone pun safe sb ada protection :) Recommended!
#fmlilshop #leapfrogmy

Working Instruction :
1) Open the case & insert the Iphone/Ipod. Its spring loaded to hold firmly.
2) Close the case, the camera has 2 buttons that align with the Power button & Volume Up button (to snap picture)
3) Enjoy your new toy. 
*Touch screen & phone function are not effected*

Check out here for you tube for official ads by Leap Frog:

Create, learn and express your imagination with photos!Designed for little ones, the Creativity Camera Protective Case and App combine the camera power of iPhone® and iPod touch® with creative learning fun! The case protects your iPhone or iPod touch device and the information stored in it while your child enjoys hours of play. To use, simply download the included creativity learning app, and place your device into the protective case for hours of games and activities. Children can edit photos to make silly pictures, go on photo missions to create special albums and even play an exciting augmented reality game. This breakthrough app toy turns your device into the ultimate creativity camera that kids will love!

Works with iPhone 4/4s/5 and iPod touch 4G (sold separately). Does not work with LeapPad™ or Leapster Explorer™ systems.

Features• The Creativity Camera Protective Case & App helps kids create, learn and express themselves with photos.
• Includes a protective case and a creativity learning app with 6 learning modes:
    1) Camera—take pictures of friends, family, pets and more,
    2) Gallery—lets little photographers view photos as an album, or scroll through photos one-by-one,
    3) Creativity Center—lets children filter, stamp and morph to create one-of-a-kind photos,
    4) Silly Faces—guides children to take portraits and easily dress up images with funny graphics,
    5) Photo Missions—complete special photo missions to create themed albums to explore letters, facial expressions and more, and
    6) Magical Creature Catch—catch and match virtual flying critters by snapping pictures in a fast-action game.
• Works with an iPhone or iPod touch to create the ultimate kid-safe creativity camera.
• Teaches creativity, self-expression and matching
• Ages 3-6 years

Learning DifferenceThe key point of difference in the Creativity Camera is role-play fun! It incorporates a number of creative and curriculum-based activities with gameplay that reinforces the aspirational experience of being your own photographer.

Let's welcome new Baby Qhaleefah by Qaiser Darussalam ..

Congratulations Qaiser Darussalam!!
Can't wait for the new facelift of Baby Qhaleefah and we hope for more exciting and fun things inside the box!
Keep up the good work QD!


New Business Takeover and The New Face lift of Baby Qhaleefah

Salam brothers and sisters! In conjunction with our launch yesterday, we also announced our new business takeover of the Baby Khalifah interactive learning series (now known as Baby Qhaleefah), the apps and all the products We are now rebranding all the products under Qaiser Darussalam Alhamdulillah.
The new facelift of Baby Qhaleefah is as shown. Stay tuned for the release of this product soon In Shaa Allah!
Thank you everyone for the continuous dhu’a and support. We truly appreciate it. May Allah SWT reward you and your family for sharing the knowledge and continuing the dakwah In Shaa Allah. We pray to Allah to make our humble effort successful. We also pray to HIM to accept it as an effort done for HIS sake alone and to make it of real benefit to all. For it is ultimately Allah’s acceptance alone that counts, and success is only by HIS will.

Qaiser Darussalam team ♥

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[REVIEW]:myBuddy Philips - 3-in-1 Table Lamp for Kids ..

When I brought back Philips myBuddy table lamp from the launching event that I've attended *check out here* to our house, both of my kiddos were super duper happy. They really excited to see the packaging of the lamp as well as the lamp itself. Seriously, this kids table lamp among the coolest ever seen so far. I straight away fall in love when I first seeing the lamp too *Love at the first sight =)*

The bambam boy who so excited playing with the plush toy.

When I told them that we gonna have new buddy during our bed time story, both of them were so happy. *we did named the lamp too as Buddy* 

Welcoming Mr Buddy to kiddos room..

As being explained from my previous entry, this 3-in-1 kids table lamp suitable to be used as reading light during bedtime reading, comforting night light during sleep as well as alarming the kids to get up in the morning too. The best part of this lamp, it not only teach children on sleeping rituals yet it will help children to make the difference between night and day in a fun way.

This table lamp need power supply to on but with extremely low power consumption, thus its an energy saving lamp. To make the timer works *there is no buzzing sound like clock alarm ya*, we have to set up the time first.

Backpanel of the lamp comes with few function to set up timer as well as the digital alarm clock.
Kids can start learn about time too..

Choose either to have signal for only moon, sun or both. 
Then set wake up time for your kid.

I set up wake up time at 6.30 am for Adam, just after mommy and papa finished shower and solat, so that when Adam woke up, he can see the moon has changed to sun. And its time to get ready to school =)

Ok done!

One of our routine activity before the kids go to sleep, we will have bed time story session. Yeap, I have to finish at least 2 books before they went to sleep. Ever since we have Buddy at home, reading session become more interesting with cute light besides the bed. Besides switching on the main bedroom lamp for reading *which make them more awake*, the diffused warm white light is gentle and provides perfect light output for reading while soothing them to sleep.

The gentle light used suitable for the kids to read and it won't harm their eyes.

Reading become more fun..

The robust design of this lamp, which make switching on and off easier and fun for kids.
Just press the Buddy's head and the light will switch on or off .Other than that, myBuddy came with no small part, no sharp edge thus it really safe for children.

"Ok, now its time to sleep kids!"

When the kids pressed the switch off button, the moon night light will glow softly.The moon shaped light from their Buddy helps them recognize it is still time to sleep, getting the kids used to a new routine. The light is also cool to the touch, and it is completely safe to be around your little ones as they sleep. 

And the moon light will change to bright sunny at 6.30 am..
And its time to get up and ready to school..

So happy to see how they enjoyed using this table lamp now. Hopefully, it will helps to encourage the little bambam to wake up early to school too. *Ryan normally escaped from taking shower in the morning huhuhu*. Thank you so much Philips for this wonderful invention. =)

The cool features of this lamp, from design up to the safety for children, make this table lamp the most suitable table lamp for our kids. You should get one for your kids too.  *wink*

myBuddy Table Lamp for Kids Features:
Kindly visit this link for more info about product specification.

Reading light
myBuddy is great for soothing bedtime stories that help children to fall asleep. The diffused warm white light of myBuddy is gentle and provides the perfect light output for good visibility while reading.
Soft glowing nightlight
After storytime is over, a gently glowing moon nightlight indicates that it’s time for children to sleep, and is a familiar and comforting sight if your child wakes during the night. In early years, it's also a helpful orientation light when checking on your child at night or to create a cosy, soothing atmosphere while feeding or comforting your child.

Morning light
Young children often don’t know when they’re allowed to come out of bed. The sun on myBuddy's belly tells them when the day can start. By using the simple symbols of sun and moon, your child learns the difference between day and night in a playful manner. When the sun shines on myBuddy's belly, it's time to play!

Fun and easy on/off switch
Press the top of myBuddy's head and it lights up with a gentle warm white reading light.

Easy morning light set-up
An intuitive backpanel with selection wheel and digital clock makes it extremely easy to set up the various functionalities of myBuddy. You can select only moon light, moon and sun, or only sun in the morning. To activate the morning light simply set the time when you want the sun to appear.

Cool to touch and child-friendly
myBuddy is completely safe for children too, because he is made of child-friendly materials and uses LED light, which is always cool to touch.

Robust design
Its design is robust and solid, making it absolutely child proof with no risk of breaking.
High quality LED light
myBuddy has an extremely low power consumption of only 2 x 1W, while providing a high light output (140 Lumen) at the same time. With a light temperature of 2700 Kelvin, myBuddy provides gentle and soothing warm white light.
Energy saving
The LED technology used in myBuddy has a long-lasting lifetime of at least 20.000 hours. Using only a few watts of power, myBuddy is thus an extremely energy sufficient reading, night and morning light.


Last order and payment by Thursday (tomorrow) for postage on Friday! 
Kindly fill up below order form ya!
 Hurry up darlss :) 
#leapfrogmy #fmlilshop

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