Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A cool art stuff!

Hello peeps! 
Happy Wednesday..

I just bought a cool art stuff last weekend..
It's a bath crayon set..
Great deal at mothercare sale 40 % + 10% discount from RM35 weeee!!!
To be franked I never crossed over this stuff at mothercare before, as it was placed at bathing stuffs area ;(
Well, I got to know about this after I read Dr Halina's blog, when she & her hubby turned their kid's playroom wall into a place for her lovely Bella's doodle area..
And she used this stuffs!
Great isn't it?

I never tried this to use in bathroom yet..
*well one of my main purpose buying this*

Yet, the little boy has turned his playroom door into new doodling area..
Mmmm well not bad..
In fact we have tried to use on the blackboard as well, so that we don't need to use chalk, safety wise!

Easy peasy, it can be removed by using  damp cloth..
Cool right?Yeay!! 
Now my kids enjoying doodling anywhere
 *are you sure anywhere mom??!!*
Ok, let's make a specific area then =)

Btw, do you know that mothercare currently on sale?

*dalam kata tak nak spend, mommy mommy!!*

Well, it purposely uploaded senget like this taww. Wink!

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Atie said...

Baju gegirl pun ada dah tu..apakah?..hihi

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