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[REVIEW] : Now You Are A Mother book..

RM 52 including postage within Sem M'sia.
Email us at
Stocks are limited, better hurry.
Last update on 20 March 2014.

Synopsis of  Now You Are A Mother..

This book has given an overview of the mother's role and touched on the basics of raising babies and small children. Whilst motherhood is one of the most rewarding of roles, it is also a very complex role that brings many trials and challenges that cannot be covered fully in a single volume. It is a very good preparation guide for expectant/expecting mothers who are pregnant/in pregnancy as it will teach many useful practical tidbits on how to prepare and what to expect. It is also a very good parenting guide book for concerned fathers/husbands who will also have take care of their children.
It is hoped that having read this book, readers will go beyond its parameters to learn all they can about how to care for their infants. In the teachings of Islam, the voices of experience provided by our own mothers and grandmothers, and the exchange of ideas and tips with other parents, new mothers can find guidelines to follow as they embark upon the journey of motherhood. The help and advice of doctors, public health nurses and other professionals may also be added to the mother's "support system."Over and above all that, the Muslim mother can and must put her trust in Allah and seek His help and guidance. No of pages : 333,  Binding : hardcover

When I first met with this super lovely and cute book, I immediately fall in love with it. Telling you the truth, I never found any English written book so far for early parent or mom as cute as this. I have with me those parenting books from famous author like Miriam Stoppard, but this book is more than that. It came with the touch of Islamic approach as well. That's made I decided to have it one to my book collection too*though I'm already mom of 2 =)*
Let see what they have inside..
*sorry for bad quality picture*

Welcome to most wonderful world..

View some snapshot of 8 chapters of Now You Are A Mother...
*click for better view k*

Everyone will love with this book. Most of my friend, blog readers, ig friends and whoever who stumble with this book, its hard to say no to it specially if you are moms to be or mommies. This is one of our lil shop best seller and my hope is, this can help all new mothers to get info and tips when handling the babies and to view the development of the babies/toddlers as well. Still, mom of 2 like me pun, I still have alot of weakness to be improved. Furthermore, many buyers came to have this for their friends too as present for new mommies-to-be. Its cheap yet with lotsa info..

Wrap them with lotsa loves...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I feel now...

Gloomy day..

WW: Haze

Get yourself protected ok!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ABC - 'Always Be Careful' ..

Shopping malls always be mommies BFF ;D Hahaha true isn't? Yet, since we always do shopping on weekend, and pretty sure it will be with my best companion of my 2 active boys. For us, we always put safety on top of everything. Even most of the parents as well. What we did, we always ensure one of them to be in the stroller while the other one walking with us, but yet most the time tangan sure tak lepas punya. Happened to be now, si active Ryan always wanted to escape and let the big bro on the stroller. Grrrr!! But Adam pun we have to ensure he was being fully monitored as he can escape in blink of eyes. It was so scary nowadays. At the end of the day, the problem wasn't solved when we only put "avoiding" as the solution. I always think that, the big brother should be exposed to safety info when we were at mall or even outside.The prevention would be more effective, right?

When I received invitation for A Safety Rangers Workshop happened during recent school holidays at Sunway Pyramid shopping complex, I'm so happy to attend. It really a good session indeed and I hope to be invited for more kids workshop like this in future. Thanks alot Sunway Pyramid!!

Sunway Pyramid has exclusively collaborated with Disney Pixar’s Monsters University, recently released 3D computer-animated comedy cartoon, to provide lots of exciting programmes and activities for the school holidays including the Safety Ranger Workshop. I have been informed that this is the 2nd year activities and  children from selected kindies at Klang Valley have been invited to attend this workshop. The Safety Rangers Workshop is tailored to provide some safety aspects and tips that young children can practice while they are in the mall. The fun mission in which the children have to go through in order to become a full-fledged Safety Ranger includes learning about escalator and lift safety, knowing the steps to take if they got separated with their parents in the mall and being safe in the car.   

Hey Mike and Sulley!!

Once we arrived and registered ourselves under Media registration, Adam was set in Safety Rangers suit, ala2 boy scout dah. So cute!!

I'm ready mommy!! yeha..

Adam joined the rest of children to listen on briefing given by the emcee on safety aspects when they were at mall. Tell you, it such a great session. The kids were explain on exact ways to use the escalator, lifts, and even the emergency buttons. They even being taught on how to face the moment when they lost their parents at mall and who they should get for help. The emcee always reminds them to be as close as they can to their parents. 

After the short theory briefing, these soon to be flagged rangers were also have to go for practical to ensure they really understand what they been taught. Divided into few groups, the kiddos were line up in pairs and walking to few stations around the mall. Such a cute and informative session! Adam was enjoyed the session so much..

Bawak briefcase ok..=)

They learnt on how to cross the road to the parking area..
And safety action while in the car..

Learnt on how to use the emergency call button..
Yeap, they are short, but they have been taught to get help from adult as well..

And correct way to use escalator too..
Do not play while using the escalator and only used emergency button when needed!
Plus, kids were reminded to remind the parents not to use strollers at escalator as well..
Gotcha mommy!!

Finally, the children were introduced to safety team where they can get help when they lost or during any emergency..

 By providing this platform whereby parents can ease their minds knowing that their children will be able to stay safe should anything happen during their shopping trip, and with the tips given in the workshop, these children can also fend for themselves outside the mall too. Thumbs up!

Graduated Safety Ranger..

Show us ur scary face Adam!!

With SP mascot, Leona =)

"Great workshop, thank you Sunway Pyramid"

As prevention is definitely better than cure, children should be encouraged and taught on ways to keep themselves safe, especially in public places. In return, they can also teach and remind the adults on some safety precautions that we need to be aware of when going out for a great day of shopping.  

Thanks also for a great lunch we had at The Garden, yumss!!



This is what Adam got in that cool briefcase..
Yup, he got the ranger suit as well..weee!!

We had so much fun there..
"ABC - Always Be Careful.."

Some useful tips while shopping at Sunway Pyramid Mall..

Sunway Pyramid has also come up with the Child Safe Shopping Info Guide and video on “Safety Tips when Riding the Escalators” to provide information to parents and children on some safety tips at the mall. Check out YouTube channel and Sunway Pyramid’s Facebook Page and played constantly on plasma TV at various locations in the mall, reminding parents and guardian to ‘lead by example’ in practising the safety tips.

Sunway Pyramid’s Customer Care also provides Wristbands and Child Distance Monitor to keep parents and guardians aware of their children’s whereabouts in the shopping mall. 
A free Child Safe Shopping wristband can be collected from any of Sunway Pyramid’s Concierge Counters on Ground Floor and Lower Ground One. Parents can write their contact numbers on the back and the child can wear the wristband, just in case they get separated during their shopping in the mall.

The Beeper (Child Distance Monitor) is used to make sure that the children do not wander too far off from their parents. A ‘sender’ will be attached to the child, and the parents or guardians will get the ‘receiver’. If the child strayed within a certain distance, the ‘receiver’ will produce beeping sounds and vibrate to alert the ‘receiver’. Shoppers can get the Child Distance Monitor at any of the Concierge Counters located on Ground Floor and Lower Ground One.

Sunway Pyramid has also issued some reminders, which inform the parents on what to do if the child is lost. These include staying close to the last location, in case the child comes back to the same spot or contact Sunway Pyramid’s Emergency Phone Number at 03- 749 43101 and the Customer Care personnel and Auxiliary Police will provide immediate assistance.

There is also the Parents Kitbrochure which can be obtained from the mall. It comprises of Sunway Pyramid’s services and amenities for parents and children, making their shopping experience stress-free. These include baby room, buggy rides, child-friendly basins in the washrooms, diaper changing shelves, children stroller, Kiddy Cab and playground, besides the numerous outlets and cool places for kids to have fun at.

For more information, log on to or call 03-7494 3100.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Contest] : Let's join "Share and Win Contest by Baby Khalifah Series Page"

Do visit Facebook page of Baby Khalifah Series to join the contest..
Contest is open to E V E R Y O N E !!!
*yeah you heard me right darlingsssss*
Hurry up!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adam Mikael on TV Al Hijrah..

That was the first word when Adam's aunty (Auntie Nori) whatsapp'ed me on last Friday..
As usual, standard mak-mak apa korang pike?
"Ala..arini I bagi baju ape jerrr *tension okeh*"
And lucky Auntie Nori said, Adam wore school uniform during shooting..
Fuhhh!! Lega..

So what happened?
Actually Brainy Bunch ada shooting with TV Al Hijrah..
Pernah jugak kebetulan tengok slot diorang on program Assalamualaikum (every Friday's slot)..
Kalau tak silap..
And these few weeks, TV Al Hijrah, BBIM and Little Scientists, they had collaboration to promote Little Scientist program..
Dekat BBIM, diorang mmg pakai LS module dalam sistem pembelajaran diorang for science subject..

So happened on the shooting day, Adam was not among the chosen 5 children..
Biasalah budak2, bila dah tengok nice set up semua, excited lah kan..And most of his group mates plak ada kat situ, menangis nak join jgak..
Boleh plak?? Aishhh Adam ni..
So, again mommy dia risau takut dia buat kacau ke apa kan..
Glad to hear the aunty said once Adam came in, he immediately stole the limelight from everyone. Cute thing, he even sat on host's nap..+___+
Owhhh I cant wait to watch the slot to be aired..
Hopefully he's doing well even though wild card =)
Good job Adam! Mommy so proud of you..

Btw, this is the you tube behind the scene for the video shooting that day..
Thanks alot Auntie Nori for info..
It was a good experience and exposure for him indeed..
Thank you so much..
*mommy over sebab terharu ok*

Adam was a lil bit upset sb I tak tgk dia shooting..
Sb dia tak tahu slot tu belum tayang..
Ingat I missed langsung tak boleh tgk..hehehe..
So cutelah u!

Btw, enjoy the video..
Sikit tak bnyk..
Adam was the one yg berlari2 tu..
*tak dapat upload,click the lick to view ok darl*

Friday, June 14, 2013

Congratulations to Irine Nadia!

If you're one of those followers of Irine Nadia Marcello *either blog or insta*..
U'oll mesti dah tahu kan..
Si cantik manis Irine Nadia ni dah selamat deliver baby girl..
Comel, macam mommy dia jugak..
Tak silap nama baby Irine ialah Fiska Medina - called by FM 
*I like nama Medina tu jgak =)*
Congrats again and welcome to new world of motherhood!

Since I posted entry about Irine Nadia 2 months back, eh ramai plak yg berkunjung kat blog mommyNadia ni disebabkan google about Irine Nadia..
Read this entry..

So, one day, tiba2 rase macam nak contact Irine nadia ni, sb teringin nak bagi prezzie for her..
Ntahlah, idea tu tiba2 je datang..
I sent email to her fb and also dekat blog dia..
Alhamdulillah, she replied to my email..
I'm soooo happy!

So, this is the prezzie for beautiful mommy to be *time tu lah*..

Alhamdulillah, the parcel received few days before she delivered the cute baby FM..
I noticed about that when I received email saying I have new follower at twitter and insta!

So happy and very honored, blogger hebat macam Irine sudi follow mommyNadia yg tk seberapa ni..

Just look at her followers..
Same amount at her insta and blog.
Pengsan mak tgk dik oiii =)

And furthermore, I never thot that she will also posted about this at her insta too..
Wa wa..I was like flying to the moon tak nak balik2 dah rase..

Tak silap as of today dah 2800++ likes she received..
*kalau I sampai tualah tak dapet!*

Hope you will enjoy the book darling!

Since then, honestly said, I did received a lot of orders for the book..
Hopefully dapatlah bantu sesiapa nk dapatkan naskah ni..
Will try to make review about this book soon..

For those who interested, kindly email me at
Special price is waiting!!

Again, thanks alot Irine Nadia..

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fun learning using flashcards..

One of the good ways to help kids recognize alphabets, numbers or words by using flashcards. I love flashcards. Indeed its a useful tool to help kids in recognize and remember numbers and alphabets. Started to use flashcards ever since Adam small, I think around 1 year plus kut. But after attending Mama Ct's class on early learning workshop few months back, I met few friends who started to introduce flashcards since their babies were 2-3 months. Seriously. They even used flashcards yg words tau, the one from 'baby can read' kit. Oh dear. I know I was far far behind that time. I thot like 2-3 months, apelah sgt baby tahu kan. I was totally wrong. 

Currently, I have few sets of flashcards at home. Yang sekarang tengah pakai is the one to help Adam on reading using the Key Words flashcards by Ladybird. It helping actually specially those book that need exercises to make sentences.

And the new collection of flashcards my kiddos have now are Arabic and Iqra flashcards that we bought from Qaiser Darussalam Bookstore recently. Previously, we have set of Arabic words flashcards, self made by mom. After a while, faham2 je lah apa jadi kan. Glad that I found these colorful flashcards to replace the old one. Honestly, its hard to get those flashcards (Arabic and Iqra) in the market, and kalau ada pun tak secomel yg I jumpa ni..

Arabic flashcards..

And my 2 kiddos enjoyed playing and learning with these new flashcards too..

Huruf ape tu Ryan?
"Ayiff" - pelat version of Ryan!

Overall flashcards Arabic ni, ada semua huruf kecuali Lam Alif and Hamzah. Sebab dia pakai yg standard huruf punya, takde 2 huruf tu. The flashcards pun imported and quality of cards memang cantik. Tips of using flashcards to kids 1-3 years ni, bagi je diorang pegang and main. Sampai lunyai pun takpe..Sooner or later, dia ingatlah tu. Biasalah mak2 kan, sayang takut renyuk lah kan...Apa susah, bila koyak ke renyuk, beli lain..
Murah je pun =) This is link on tips to use flashcards to kids.

Selain tu, involvement parents pun penting nak tunjuk ajar for kids. For babies plak, just flip the cards to them sambil sebut huruf2 tu. InsyaAllah, soon u will realize diorang dah start recognize bnyk perkataan. Sekarang ni pun tengah practice for Ryan, see how the improvement to him to recognize Arabic words plak...

While Adam more excited using the Iqra flashcards. The flashcards are both sided with great quality paper and nice illustrations. 

Just found out that  learning will be more easier when I told Adam to teach Ryan..
Kan senang, mommy goyang kaki monitor aje..=)
*hahaha mommy yg M*

"Ape tu?"

"Da Di Du"

Well, I think I'm not the only mommy who fall in love with those flashcards..
Yeap, during pre-order for Qaiser Darussalam Bookstore recently, I received lot of orders for flashcards too..

Mostly took the set one sebab senang kan, skealigus ada

And set flashcards tu pun sesuai untuk bagi presents..
Currently, I did offered for wrapping service..
Ramai yg order "Now You Are A Mother" book and requested to send for their family and friends..
Lagi nice kalau properly wrap kan..
InsyaAllah, once everything finalized, you all boleh request for wrap *special price given InsyaAllah*
to be posted for your family and friends..
Will try to expedite it, ramai dah tanya.

Thats all for now..
Let's have fun learning with our kids...

ps: Anyone interested to order, feel free to visit this link! Tq!

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