Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Reading 4 Beginners] : On Reading Key Words with Peter & Jane Book

Few weeks back, we went to MPH for art & stuffs thingy. Dah lama tak beli barang2 art & stuffs for Adam & Ryan.So bila smp MPH, saje pergi cari Peter & Jane books skali. Actually this is one of the series suggested  for preschooler when they started to read. So of course Adam baru je starts on phonics, takkan dah nak bagi read book kan. Nonsense. That was the word on my mind at that time. Tapi tiba2 datang keinginan yg kuat sgt suruh beli that books after dah belek few books from Peter and Jane series. Dalam hati, beli jelah kan. Bukan salah pun.

Tapi terus beli 1 set contains of 6 books..
*apekah mommy??*

So when I started to introduce Adam to this book, he so interested and insisted to explore the book.
So, I took the 1a book and let him to explore and read.
There were 16 words only inside the 1a book, and it just repeat the same words dalam masa yg sama slowly introduced new words from each page.

Alhamdulillah, he started to read now by using the sight reading method. 
Walaupun sebenarnya dia just recognize and memorize the words, tapi for kids, its such amazing thing when he able to finish every page by themselves. It really motivate him to  read more. Adam was so happy everytime I praised him when he finished each page and sentence. "MasyaAllah..such a great boy" 
Melerek dia senyum..

When I went through a blog who talked about the tips on introducing Peter & Jane book, the writer did explained clearly on how to start using this book. They also give few words which kids just need to recognize and memorize. So, I helped Adam to remember by sticking the words everywhere at the house too! Do visit this link for more tips!!

As of now, Adam still continue learning phonics through Starfall.com. Alhamdulillah, now Adam dah ingat 26 letter sounds *walaupun still not yet fluent* But yet I'm so impressed. Tak sangka dalam main2, with 15-30mins activities daily, dia dah start hafal. And we already finished the first level of learning the sounds and now moving to second level to blend the words (3 letter words) *mak aii, mommy tgk pun hampir pitam, camano* But for Peter & Jane book ni, we make a routine to read 10mins before sleep and during weekends. Alhamdulilah, he now at book 1b (orange book). I tried not to stick to one book too long, although ada few words dia tak ingat lagik. Takut dia cepat boring. So after a week, we already at orange book. Each book dia ada target to achieve, like for 2nd book ni dia bnyk repetitions and ayat2 dia dah start tukar2 sket. So not to worry. Mama Ct pun dah bagi green light, she said I'm still on track yaw. =)

I tried to record videos when he read book, well not easy man..!!
So, enjoy the vids walaupun senget benget mommy silap setting, but this as memory for him bila dah besar..
Proof that u have started to read at 4years and 5months old darling. 
Good job boy!!

Adam read Peter & Jane book..

Trying to upload the vid of Adam sang alphabet sounds to youtube, it took me ages to upload it. Sigh!
Still in  progress  of 50% uploading, nantilah upload semula once done!


Lina said...

Always a good entry! Good job Mommie..

Feel free to visit my blog, http://teachermommie.blogspot.com

Belinda Adzmi Ibu Ilhamny said...

sy pun guna buku peter & jane juga utk anak2 saya.. walaupun mulanya mereka lebih banyak menghafal, tapi dari hafal itulah mereka berjaya membaca dengan lancar

mama ct said...

Good job adam! seronok sgt tengok early reader macam ni...tak sabar tunggu turn faris pulak.....!

Diyana Khoo said...

yup, peter & jane memang best! i used it during my pre-school. memang teacher ada method sight masa 4 years tu. up till now i still remember book 1A dia tau.

"here is peter. here is jane. here is peter and jane."

hahaha. tiap kali tukar buku, akan dapat present from parents. ada lagi kat kampung buku tu. i can't wait to start with hadif pula :).

mommyNadia said...

Tq dear. I've visited your new blog. Search for button to be follower tak jumpe =(

mommyNadia said...

Yes dear, I read so many comments and feedbacks telling the same thing too. Hope it works to my son too!

mommyNadia said...

Kita pun sronok =)

mommyNadia said...

Bagusnye u dari kecik dah baca..I tak jumpa buku ni masa kecik pun =(

I pun try to make reading P&J more interesting for my kids too, by giving rewards everytime finish each book. =)

persimmon said...

suka lihat anak kita lancar baca..tp ikut mood gak..kalau die tk nk..tk paksa

persimmon said...

suka lihat anak kita lancar baca..tp ikut mood gak..kalau die tk nk..tk paksa

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