Thursday, March 7, 2013

Garage Sale for Preloved Baby Boy Clothes !!!

Hoooraahhhh!! Another baby clothes spring cleaning and ready to be sold as preloved items. Ni first round baru, sb malas nak upload gambar *boleh plak* Still in good condition, and semua yg kat bawah ni tak pernah pakai. *beli tak pakai, apalah??* Sebenarnye sb size Ryan yg montok, sudahnye tak muat nak masuk peha bambam tu!! Take a look girlssss..

{click on picture for better viewing}

babyGap Jeans
6 - 12 months baby
Double layer jeans, comfy for babies..
Bought at Gap boutique..

At only RM 45

babyGap long pant
6 - 12 months baby
Reversible pant, tight pattern pant..
Bought at Gap boutique..
At only RM 20

Levi's Jeans
3 - 6 months baby
Season type jeans..
At only RM 15

Osh Kosh baby shirt
 0 - 3 months baby
Light cream color.
At only RM 12

Anyone interested, email me for reservation at

Delivery only by post.

Postage fees not included.
Postage fee RM6 per item.
*RM8 for 2 or 3 items*

Type payment:
Online (I use Maybank account)
Reservation applicable for 24 hours only.
If payment not receive by the next day, offer will go to the next buyer in line..

If you have any question to ask detail about the product, do not hesitate to email me at

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