Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WW: Mommy's Little Model

Smile Ryan...

Anyone dare to hire my little model??

Monday, February 27, 2012

Swimming thingy..

Few more days to go..Cant wait!! ;)

Sambil baca article pasal swimming for kids ni, I saved and copy paste into this entry. Hopefully boleh jadik future reference for me and all mommies yang tgh search info about swimming for babies and toddlers. To be frank, most of the articles found are very basics about swimming for babies *atau I yg tak dan nak survey byk2 pun yer jgak*. Kalau nak cari info swimming for toddlers tu, tak berapa banyak sgt jumpa. So I just read and apply when and where ever necessary. By the way, I just read entry from DarwishnDarwisya blog,* here!!* and found on article about benefits of swimming. And how swimming related to human brain function. Read here, such a good info. *I should start swimming back lah,sgt unhealthy sekarang* 

Since few more days left,*sambil kira jari* I  have prepared all his swimming attire and ensure everything complete and ready.*dah sebulan dah ready* Since swimming wear dulu dah memang sendat *turun kat Ryan plak*, I bought him new one time sale kat Arena last month..huhuhu *ikut kegatalan tangan mommy ni, nak sgt beli  swimwear quicksilver tu, sabor2 ;)*

Let's check what he need!! * Kalau tertingal, boleh remind me tau*

Swimwear, goggles, and sunblock..

Minus swimming cap yang masih mencari..
InsyaAllah boleh dpt kat swimming centre tu..
Material kain ok jgak compare to silicon swim cap punye, sakit kan..

Kickboard diorang provide, once Adam comfortable dgn size utk dia, baru beli..

Shampoo, towel, body bath n body lotion..

Put everything in his aeroplane sling bag, pakai cap and ready to swimming class yeha!!
*mommy yang dah mula berimaginasi*

Mommies, some info about swimming for babies/young children..

Friday, February 24, 2012

Swimming Like a Fish!!

Adam loves swimming so much. I guess maybe because I've started to introduce him at very early age. The day I knew I was pregnant was after went back from swimming session. And during my pregnancy, I always make visit to aquatic center up until my 9mos pregnancy. And Adam's 1st time into water when he was less than 4mos. Ever since that, I always brought him to swimming pool and putting target that he can start swimming by the time he is 2.*Read here* But, unfortunately, considering that the maintenance of my house pool not at very tip top condition, we avoided him to swimming pool and he just have chance to swim when we were on vacations only. *Memang jarang sgt sekarang* Same goes to Ryan, he 1st time in the pool during our last trip.  *Tu pun sebab its a warm swimming pool*

And now, he is 3 years plus. I guess its not so late to send him for a swimming lesson. And I was so lucky to find the deal at groupon on swimming class recently. At only RM88 (normal price at RM250 per month), Adam will get 4 times swimming session with 1 hr per session. I grabbed this just to give him a trial and see how far Adam response to this class. Besides, learning on how to swim, it also good for him to understand the instructions given by the trainer. Once he is  ready, I plan to send him to aquatic center near to my house *lagi murah weee*. I've booked the session in March, meaning that, next weekend, Adam will be on his 1st formal swimming lesson.yeayyyy!!!*seddey mommy tak lepas ajar Adam swim, sb instructor sorang lagi asyik control je tak bg lepas!!*To be frank, I think I'm more excited than Adam. Hahaha!!! Cant wait to see him swimming. Mommy and papa will give full support for you dear... beside the pool aje, tak boleh masukkkk!!!:( * Ryan too!!* I have make some research at google too about children swimming and safety to take. Will share it in next entry.InsyaAllah.

Lets get some views about this swimming class:

The lesson will be conducted at Canyon Aquatics Centre..

4 sessions of 1-hour swimming lessons include:
  • - Floating techniques
    - Breathing techniques
    - Kicking and paddling.
  • Centre founded by Olympics qualifiers and SEA games gold medallists.
  • Programme sanctioned by the Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia.
  • Groups of 6 may schedule private classes. 
Founded by Olympics qualifiers and former national coaches, swim schools indulge aquatic aspirations in juvenile hopefuls with highly personalised lessons about floating, breathing, kicking and paddling in case of sudden showdowns with pinnace propellers. Make five friends in time for private classes free of strangers and playground spies. Toddlers and teenyboppers are advised to wear suitable swimming attire and goggles, with hair tied back or safely encased within swim caps to avoid navigation issues or proximity to agonized fingers during moments of frustration. While lockers and shower rooms are provided, students are required to bring their own towels. 

They are so cute, aren't they???
Tak sabar nak tengok Adam pulak..
They also provide class for babies too..Yeappp!!
Shud survey bila pergi nanti..

Spacious but open swimming pool they have..

I want that kids swimming cap!!
Being looking for many shopp complex already, tak jumpa!!
Shud ask them. They sell swimwear and swimming equipment too..

Next entry will be about the swimwear and basics toiletries to bring to swimming class. And I shud start reading about safety, the dos n don'ts etc etc!!!

1st article to share here:

When your baby is 6 months old, you can join a parent-and-child (or "mommy and me") swimming class. You'll be in the water with your baby during these classes, which are really for socialization only. Your child probably won't be developmentally ready for formal swim lessons until age 3 or 4, at least.

In the meantime, be extra cautious in or around water with your little one. The American Academy of Pediatrics says: "Whenever infants and toddlers are in or around water, an adult should be within arm's length, practicing 'touch supervision.'"

According to Laura Slane, aquatics consultant for the YMCA, your child will be ready for lessons on her own when she's able to listen to an instructor for the whole lesson and follow his directions. She should also be comfortable around water — if she hates bathing or hasn't been around the water much, it might be a good idea to take her to a "mommy and me" class first, says Slane.

A number of health and swimming clubs, such as the YMCA's, offer parent-and-child lessons. Ask your doctor, daycare provider, or other parents to recommend a good program in your area. Try to observe a class before you join. The instructors should run a well-organized class and clearly demonstrate what they're asking parents to do (how to hold a child in the water, for example). A lifeguard should be on duty at all times.

Other things to look for: A warm pool, which makes getting in much less traumatic for your child (and much more comfortable for you), and a relatively small class — no more than ten parent-and-child pairs — so you can hear the teacher and have plenty of room to play in the pool.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weaning at 10 months..

Sangat excited lately ni nak update entry about project homemade baby food.. Sekarang ni kawan di alam maya, banyak upload story pasal weaning. 1001 recipes for home made baby food. So boleh lah ambil idea improve mana yang patut. Tukang masak berjaya macam I ni *wink wink*, pening jugak nak mix and match makanan si Ryan ni. 

Alhamdulillah, early of February, Adryan dah masuk 10 months. And it just suitable time to introduce him for fish!!I prefer to give him salmon. Same like her big brother dulu. Bukan ape, ikan lain yang white meat tu, kadang bau hanyir susah nak hilang. Lagipun, selain hi in protein n Omega3, salmon ni buat bubur jadik naturally sweet. *Padahal mak dia yang suka salmon, tiba2 ter'display ' gambar salmon IKEA and Manhanttan Fish depan mata. Haishhh!!* And during his 9 months, I've introduced Ryan with quinoa too. So far, Adryan ni memang lepas all that 4 days rule. Lagipun quinoa ni macam rice je. Takdelah nak allergy sgt. Salmon pun lepas aje si budak tembam tu.

The Oragnic Quinoa.

Sebelum masak..

Macam masak nasi..taraa... jugak dimakan..
*tapi Ryan still kena blend dulu*

My new fave spot to shop for groceries now is Jaya Grocers at Empire. *Mostly beli stuff nak buat homemade food pun* After abis class Adam kat Kizsport, alang2 teruslah beli kat sana.Lama2 terus jatuh cinta. They have many choice of  imported fruits like avocados *murah dr CS*, peach, plum, strawberries  as well as locals too. Plus veggies and salmon fillet yang fresh. Price memang reasonable. Dulu, I prefer to shop at Jusco, tapi lately bila pergi ada je yang takde. Boring. Same goes to Giant and Tesco, lagilah. Nak kena round 2,3 tempat baru complete. Cold Storage pun lately ni asyik takde je specially kat Sbg Parade. Sometimes, I received visitors who googled for my blog looking for dried dates and longan. Readers, Jaya Grocers is the right place for you to find for dried stuff. Memang best. Dia dah packing2 siap semuanye. So girls, sila berkunjung ke Jaya Grocers sekarang *free ads >.<*

Ok, back to Ryan's homemade food at 10 months.

For his breakfast..

Fruits purees + organic oat

Frozen fruit purées, morning mix up with oat for his bekal to nursery..

Lunch time..

Its a salmon porridge..
Basicly, its a complete meals of salmon (protein) + veg (brocolli, zuchinni, celery or bayam) + dried fuits (date, cranberries, raisin or apricot)  + organics porridge

 Steam all those above ingredients for  15 - 20 min..and blend to suitable texture (follow ur children's age)
For Ryan, I still blend it to fine texture..

And mix with the blended porridge ..

And freeze for 1 week stock..

And for his dinner meals..

Quinoa (as above picture) + fruits/veg purées (normally its pumpkin or carrot or few types of fruits) + prune

*Nak kena beli storage kecik sket, makan space!!*

Now, I need to spare some finger foods for him..
Especially during steaming food for his dinner or makan kat luar, kalau tak menjerit lah dia tak bagi makan..

Must be organic or sugar free and not a junk food..
Lately prefer to give him finger fruits..

Last time, used to be a place for frozen ebm, but now..

Yes, he is a happy eater!!

Friso Growing Up Together Days..

Kids are so synonymous with high curiosity. Therefore through exploring on new things, it helps in nurturing children development and encourages children’s passion. Same goes to my kids, especially at Adam’s age, he spend most of his day time with playing. *Pergi school pun main aje* But I do believe, playing is right medium for the kids to explore and learn which encouraged them to grow up well. Indeed as parents we should monitor that they are playing safely in a healthy environment. I love quote by Kizsports & Gym, when they provides program on how to learn to play and play while learning. But at the end, it contribute to my fave quote, play + learn = fun fun fun!! *while singing like Barney*

Being a working mommy, in this era specially, make me realized that I should find the quality time to spend with my kids. Thus, me and Mr Hubby are trying the best from us to ensure we do something that all of us would enjoy together. Playing around with the growing up kids seriously is an enjoyable thing to do. Especially on weekdays, where the night time is too short for us, with the daily routines need to be done, we will try our best to spend at least reading book together or do some coloring before the bed time. And come to the weekend time, we try our best to ensure there are activities to do together. By spending time with the children, it provides them opportunity to learn and to be heard.

Our weekend activity at Kizsport & Gym to build up self-confident and improve their fitness.

Sometimes we encourage him to do some art and craft activity too..

I love to expose my kids with nature. Or giving them chance to explore themselves. As you know, Adam is addicted with train during his early years *many kids love trains jugak kan!!*, thus we gave him chance to ride on train when he was 2. Yes, he was so happy for that chance and keep on asking for next ride. *Nanti Ryan besar sket, mesti mintak naik jugak*
Train session..

Adam loves pet too *kontra betul dengan mommy dia* .One of most fave activity is fish feeding. And we brought him to Aquaria once, and still remember how happy he was. Yes, bringing the little ones closer to nature is the right thing to teach him how he should appreciate our nature. 

"Fish eat!!"

During visit to Aquaria KL..

With Mr Rabbit ..
*Rabbit lari takut kat Adam*

His 1st time flying kite..

"Fuyoo..besar bubble"

Browsing on internet recently, I stumbled upon Facebook page of Growing Up Together, the place sharing all information about rising the children in the modern parenting styles. I would say, it’s a good page to enhance our knowledge in developing our kids’ attitude and behavior. Growing Up Together (GUT) is a concept brought on by Friso whereby the key points of the sharing page is to lighten the journey of motherhood, sharing the joy of growing up together with our children and believes that experience is the children’s best teacher.

Click here and not to forget to “Like” this page yow!!

On the other hand, Friso is fully support on the concept of modern and progressive mum who is inspired by the modern-style motherhood and believed in playing and learning is the active part in growing up process. Who is the modern and progressive mum?? Most of the mommies who live in this modern era with a well-balanced life between family and career can be considered as a modern and progressive mum. She makes her right choice with the good research, high sense of individuality, authenticity and honesty. Modern and progressive mums are not only rely on what people say and just be follower without thinking of pro and cons, very dependent to people’s around her and very conservative from the traditional parenting * like being a tiger mother roarr*. Instead, the modern and progressive mum wants to indulge and grow their kids in a holistic way so that the kids are well-equipped physically, mentally and emotionally.This includes choosing the right nutrition to ensure that our children are healthy and ready to venture and discover something new out there. As parents, knowing that our kids are well-fit mentally and physically is something wonderful as that is the essential part in colorful journey of growing and developing together.

Speaking of which, *if you are aware on the advertisement on top of my blog >.<*, Friso is organizing Growing Up Together Days which will be happened  starting from 22nd Feb until April 2012.*Woweee I love children events* These activities show on how serious they want to promote Friso’s belief in the journey of motherhood and growing up together with our children and those experiences become the child’s best teacher.

Start checking your schedule mommies!!!
There will be loads of fun activities waiting for your kids and the best part this GUT Day will provide platform for parents and kids to explore new and exciting things together. Yeha!!
Check it out here!!
Can’t wait to bring Adam & Adryan here too..

Some of the activities waiting are:
Interactive Tunnel –Jump into virtual world! Where mums and dads are supposed to team up with their little ones to play the interactive games projected to the walls and floor of the tunnel.
Craft Stations - Parents and children are able to get their hands dirty at the craft stations where they can customize their very own T-shirts, badges and hanging mobiles or create their own toys whilst having fun together. *interesting*
Free Gifts – Bring the tin foil or barcode from one of Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 pack to redeem a little gift for your little one. Free gifts also can be redeemed with Friso invitation card. *Still waiting Mr Postmen to send the invitation card macam invitation Friso pool party dulu wink >.<*

Being a typical mommy who has everything well-planned out for her kids *ehem ehem*, I have already got eyes on the Friso Gold product, a growing up milk for Ryan once he done with his 2 years breastfeeding.*Takut jadik macam Adam kes, terkapai-kapai nak carik suitable growing up milk*

Friso Gold is specially formulated with Frisoshield P2 Dual System, and has the important nutrient combination of 2 Prebiotics and 2 Probiotics (healthy live bacteria) which protect the children to be tough inside so they are free to discover the world. A study has revealed that children who received Synbiotics, a combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics showed lower frequency of diarrhoea and allergy which most highly affected among the small kids *minta dijauhkan*. While Prebiotics help to increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain good intestinal environment to fight off bacteria and germs. Healthy live bacteria may help in reducing diarrhoea cases as well. Besides the good live bacteria, Friso Gold also contains DHA, AA3 and SA, which speed up information relay between brain cells, which aid a growing child’s overall development. Even tough we are confident that our kids have received well enough nutrients from breastfeeding, but they still need to be feed with growing up milk soon. So that they will be shielded from the bad germs and bacteria that can cause illness.

Frisoshield P2 Dual System protection..

Hang on!!Do check out the YouTube video down here. It’s a new brilliant Talking Newspaper which just had a fresh launching today by News Straits Times. And Friso Growing Up Together (GUT) Days event also had their big bang launching on this innovative and fun platform, seriously it a genius collaboration guys. Walla!!

So mommies,*not to forget daddy who read this!!* let’s mark our calendar on that date and take time off to explore the beautiful journey with the little ones. If you see from the event schedule, they also have road tour to Johor and Penang too. Ha’ah, get your children ready as well as their well-fit parents *haha of course mommy Adam also tough from inside and outside what >.<* to explore these fun activities. See you there!

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