Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm addicted to Bright Star Kids stuffs!! Help!!!

I have new addiction now, last time every week duk tgu thepoplook update new items..
Now, lagik excited bila dapat email dari BSK, specially bila update sale..wootwoot!!
Baru je nak tobat tak nak beli, sekali datang sale murah..
Rembat lagik..Seriously its so irresistible!!

Last week, parcel bag tags arrived...
Exactly on the 7th day after purchased 
*dah tau 7 day baru smp, tapi hari2 jugak check post box* Wink!!

5 sets..including kawan2 punya..

Super cute kan...
*purple owl mommy yg punye*

And these for my 2 kiddos...

Adam dah lama nak yg ni..

This is for Ryan..

And I have few pieces balance due to wrongly placed order...

So, I let go at Instagram..
*tak sempat nak masuk blog*
Sold out..
No worry, I have save one for my blog giveaway soon...

Yesterday, dapat notification dari BSK lagik..
Chalkboard household labels..
50% okey...mak tak boleh tahan , seriously!

Round shape..

Square shape..

Siap buat order for my bffs too..

Mine one dah post dah pagi tadi..yeay!

Can't wait to receive the labels..
 Dah abis label toys anak2. Sekarang I nak label barang2 kat dapur pulak yer. Boleh ganti label dekat wardrobe yg tulis pen tu je..weee...


Friday, April 26, 2013

Little bunny..

Sports day aritu..
Banyaknye gambar nak kena sort balik.. huihhh!!!
*lap peloh*

Thursday, April 25, 2013

You really made my day..thank you !!!

Alhamdulillah syukur..
After the first batch sent on Saturday, to be honest I was waiting the reply just to ensure all my friends received a complete set of baby khalifah series within a perfect condition.

Yes,  few of them replied to my email, some thru my watsapp, instagram etc etc.
Glad that everyone happy with the series. Most important thing, kids happy as well.
I'm so happy that I can share a good thing with all my dear readers and friends.
=) InsyaAllah!

Few of the email and comment received, some of them ter'delete" dah tak boleh trace huhuhu...
Looking forward for more feedback darlings..

dyana "his other half" said...
"yeay, i've been waiting for this entry. sebab mama Hadif malas nak study dulu (blame the hormone boleh? hehe). Anyway, thank you so much for ur effort bukan saja for ur kids but for us all the mommies here :)"

Btw, 2nd batch order still response very well. Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah, can't wait to courier and pass the boxes to all my friends and blogger friends.*ramai dah tak sabar nak dapat* Will open the last order today until 5 pm. Please submit your order if you interested to own this interactive learning series. Thank you.

Xx mommyNadia..

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[REVIEW]: In love with baby khalifah series..

Sorry for spamming my 'own blog' with baby khalifah series orders recently. It was really unplanned thing and I really didn't expect to have this fabulous responses from my friends/blogger friends/silent readers/instafriends etc etc. Thanks everyone. And this is my personal review about the series. Please bare in mind, the review is not being sponsored or received any advertorial, worry it sounds bias as if i try to promote about this product. Indeed, a good product will surely sell by itself without require any special marketing! So true!

So the first order received on last Friday. As you know, I pun baru nak try guna for my kids too. Before ni asyik tgk dekat blogs, you tube and their official website only. Seriously, I've been looking hi and low of any website or apps that giving exposure for kids about early child learning in Islam. Adam is so attached with website such Disney Juniors and lately into Starfall.com learning about phonics, and also any website yg ada interactive activities inside. So, I was thinking, kalau ada yg Islamic punya mesti best, sambil main sambil belajar. They even learned while playing. MasyaAllah!!

So, the whole set consists of 6cds with 6 workbooks follow respective cds, a set of flash cards, color pencil, bookmark and also a cute car sticker inside that cute blue box.

Adam as usual, he was super duper excited to see the box. Tho at first a lil bit confused why mommy bought a lot of same boxes at home. hahhaa!! 
Tak payah tgu esok, malam tu terus pasang. Sb mommy pun excited nak tgk sekali jugak kan...

Some of you might confused, the cd actually not a vcd, boleh pasang tgk macam Barney series tu kan. Its actually an interactive program using Flash for kids not only to watch but at the same time boleh play around with the activities inside as well. But no worry,  the cd can be used at Windows and Mac but every time running, u have to wait a little while for the system to be installed!

Ensure to choose Start_Win program and run...
Wait for installation progress the click OK!

Now they are ready to have fun learning!

Good things about the modules, you don't have to wait to finish up one module before jump to the others.
For Adam, I just let him chose yg mana dia nak tengok. Free to play. Not only Adam, Ryan pun excited sama. The language used is very simple English  and all the recitation pun clear to be understand by kids. And I found that Adam sgt lah khusyuk duk dengar citer from the baby khalifah character, Aisyah.

After finished each serie, Aisyah  will guide the kids to do activity using the work book. So each work book, will have sub title same as the cd as well.

Honestly, I never expected the illustration of the cd and books as good as this. Mmg cantik sgt. All kids will sure love it.

Let's see the 6 work books they have..

My First Kalimah..
This is one of  my fave. Nak biasakan anak2 selalu sebut kalimah suci Allah..
Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Alllahuakbar and Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...
Aisyah will teach them to use the words at the right place..

My First Adab..
This is Adam fave cd. A lot of good stories inside and bnyk nasihat untuk small kids..
From this cd, they will learn about truthfulness, trustworthiness, bravery, sincerity, honesty and patience..

My Family..
Learn about family tree, roles and manners.

My First Arabic..
Learn about colors, shapes, number and days in Arabic. Good starts right!

My First Iqra'..
Learn about 30 arabic latters...

My First Solat..
Learn about wudhu', azan, prayer time and the kiblah..

Besides the cds and workbooks, there also a set of flash cards inside the box..
I really thot that was alif ba ta cards...
But I was wrong, the flash cards set even  much more interesting...

Flash cards about solat, niat solat untuk 5 waktu..
With nice and interactive pictures..

And Adam's fave one!

8 steps in Wudhu'..
Picture with simple explanations at each card...
Interesting sgt!

I'm so happy to know and owned this kit now. Its a great tool to expose to the children as early as 1 year until 5 years, to learn about basics values of Islam. In fact, I received few emails and msg from my friends who purchased  during first batch order recently,  their kids enjoyed the cds and the whole set as well. Glad to hear about that! Hope to share more with others. InsyaAllah.

Most important thing, Adam likes it so much. He did enjoyed every cd from the series..
Ryan pun we all dah start to expose him with the cd..
Selalu nye dia akan sebok tepi Adam bila tengok cd..good start kan..

If your want to know more about baby khalifah series, feel free to drop comment or you may send personal email to me at babykhalifahseries@yahoo.com. InsyaAllah, will try my best to help!

Xx mommynadia
One of happy mommies...

Get the awesome party services with Party Hat....

How many of you mommies love to plan for kids birthday party? Hands up please!!
Same goes here. I always came up with many ideas when it comes to kids birthday party. From cake design, party theme, table decoration till the games and goodies for kids. Such wonderful things if we have time to plan and prepare everything ourselves, isn't it? Pity me, I don't have that time * I don't have that talent as well, more worst ;D* In fact it always a last minute plan as happened to Ryan's 2nd birthday recently. No more after this. I just found a good blog recently offered various kind of party services. And pretty sure, to book this once I plan to do proper birthday celebration for my kiddos soon.Wink!

Anyway, have you come across with PARTY HAT blog before?Well,  Party Hat is one of the earliest party planners in Malaysia to bring parties to your home. They offer mobile kids party such as Princess Pamper Party, Cupcake Decorating Party, Pizza Making Party and Bento Making Party – right at your doorstep. All you have to do is choose a party theme and venue (it can be your home or your favourite restaurant) and they will show up with all the necessary party supplies. Awesome right! So, the next time if you’re planning your kid’s birthday bash, make sure to include these parties as part of the birthday celebration. I like this. So instead of organizing party at playland *with high cost to booking the place and pay for every kids entry fees,* with those activities offered, kids can have fun at party and more kids can be invited. Yeay!! 

Let see their awesome services offered by Party Hat...

First thing when we decided to throw kids birthday bash, pretty sure we will straight away think about the theme, isn' it? It's quite easy actually to come out with the theme as we only need to rely on our kids' fave character at that time. But to make the party followed the theme as we set, that's not easy I tell you. With PH's Theme Party Decoration, you just need to choose theme you want, they will come out with 1001 ideas. Check out this link on the party package set up offer at PH!

                            Theme Party Decoration   

                                     Dessert Table Decoration

Free hassle of thinking how and what to put on your desserts table as well. Visit the blog to see sample of desserts table from their satisfied customer. So adorable!!

Personalized Party Printables

They even settle all personalized party printables followed all the theme that we have been set.

Having birthday bash at home or any favorite restaurant, you can not avoid for not having any activities for kids. With the activities provided by the PH, kids will fully occupied during the party and pretty sure they will have great fun! 

Cupcake Decorating Party
"If you're looking for something unique as a birthday treat for your children this year, allow Party Hat to organize a cupcake decorating party for you! Invite your little guests to your house and we will come prepared with everything necessary. All we need you to do is sit back and relax whilst the children are having fun!" - Party Hat. Visit this link!

Princess Pamper Party

"Your little darling and her friends will get to be the princess of the day - with their nails done, hair dolled up with sparkly tiaras, get tatto-ed (don't worry, it's only temporary!) and we will also apply light makeup (blusher and lipgloss) for the princesses. For once, they get to be pampered like a lady! At the end of the party, every girl will get a Party Hat "Princess of the Day" certificate. They will also bring home their very own pretty pink favor bag filled with small kids-friendly makeup set."- Party Hat. Visit this link!

Pizza Making Party
"All you have to do is invite your little guests to your house and we will come with everything necessary. Watch your little baker and friends will get their hands dirty (literally!) and design their own pizza! At the end of the party, every child will get a Party Hat "I made this Pizza" certificate. Their pizzas will be put into their own pizza box to take home and show their families!" - PH. Visit this link!

And one of my fave designs at Party Hat is the Love Birds..
Comel sgt!!

Look at this cute and lovely buntings..

And also the scallop toppers..

The round labels...

And also the Hersey's miniature wrapper..

The whole package came with different colors, make the things more cheerful!Like it..

Many of Party Hat’s customers also chose these kids party to reward their children after a long semester of hardwork and exams. That’s why school holidays are the busiest time for the party team, so remember to book them in advance ok. To understand more on these mobile kids party and the various services offered, you may visit their lovely website at http://partyhatmy.blogspot.com and don't forget to like Party Hat facebook too. Ciowwww!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

[OPEN ORDER FOR BSK]: Sale on Name Labels Value Kits!!


For those who being waiting for the kids name label's sale, there you go..
Another sale just announced today and its only for 3 days!!

Save $5 on top 3 Value
Label Kits for 3 Days Only!
Hurry prices return to normal this Thurs 25th April '13.

This time around, sale only applicable for 3 chosen kits - Essential stick-on labels *I bought this one recently*, preschool and daycare labels *currently drooling on this* & school labels.

KIT 1:

KIT 2:

KIT 3:

Visit the link here for details of product offer!

But, seriously its more worth it to buy the kit rather than partial set. Boleh pakai lama pun.
So anyone interested, please confirm your order immediately. Please refer this steps on how to place order and send to my email at nadya_1901@hotmail.com.

Order will be closed on Thursday, 25th April at 3.00pm.
Any queries, please email me at nadya_1901@hotmail.com.

Hurry up darlings!!

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