Wednesday, April 21, 2010

calling for IKEA fanzzzz...

 Ok..letme count any of IKEA big fanz here..??

wah wah..can see everyone nodded happily..
Boleh gerenti u all kalau tak weekly, paling tidak once a month mesti nak g bau aircond IKEA kan..??
haha..same goes here...:)
Why I love IKEA?? maybe because the simplicity idea given from their decos
Specially those who with small apartment like me, simplicity is really a big matter for us..
Ye lah, kalau dah katil gedabak,sofa lagi,wardrobe..huh mahu jalan sempit aje kut celah2 tu..
Plus Adam pun agaknye terantuk aje ngan wardrobe2 mommy dia..

Plus,I'm a big fan of NORESUND..;)
Most of my furniture coming with the black spiral design and mostly from NORESUND type.. bout you guys??

 thnx for my pax which save alot of my bedroom space :)



 lovely daybed...

 which became our temporary sofa..
* nice kan lovely pink color tu :)


Ok, back to the IKEA story..
How do you rate ur current bedroom?

Jom..!!Lets grab RM2000 IKEA voucher..
from WIN YOUR DREAM BEDROOM contest!! kan...
easy peasy..let me guide u..

Can u see the IKEA advertisement down there, I mean at the end of my blog??
..just click overthere..


 1st..ensure you have register urself with IKEA..done??

 Then go to Win Yor Dream Bedroom and click How I do This??

Follow the below instructions:

Enjoy ur creativity and submit..
mane tahu kan rezeki kita dapat RM 2000 tu..
boleh sakan deco bilik kan??

Below is the T & C:

 The contest end at 11:59pm on 2nd May 2010..
few more days to go..:)

Jom cuci mata ...

 Love the spiral type again :)

 again white..

 I love this one..

 why IKEA so into white color??

So ape lagi..
Combine ur creative ideas with ur love one..
It will be a great enjoyment !
All the best!!!


Farah said...

cantek2 belaka!! gud lak nadia!

K-Addicts said...

jelesnye kat org KL!!! Penang depa tak hantar ke? me so drooling la nadia!!!


Ohoh... manelah boleh x Agree with IKEA. Superb btol design2 dia. Masa bercinta dulu, we went there almost every weekend. (OU tempat dating, Ikea kan sebelah je. :)) Dreaming on how we gonna decorate our future house...

Come int design. Me and hubby have the same taste. It must be CONCEPT!! :)

Owh!! I love white too dear.

Now, we went to Ikea.. dreaming again.. on how we gonna decorate Oman's room next!!

p/s: belum confidentla nak masuk peraduan. Hehehehehe

RuZaNNa said...

Wah.. you are truly an ikea lover.. kitaorg takde budget nak beli big2 item ikea.. hehhe.. tp set katil yg warna putih is sooo nice.. i seriously suka white color.. eventhough cpt kotor.. but it makes the room looks brighter.. hehehe


hehe..actually tak buat lagik pun..hopefully my hubby rajin tolong I..dia lagik terrer :)

ape plah cik teh oooi..
setakat Penang bolley sgt..
beli bnyk2 hntr delivery..selamat sampai InsyaAllah :)


btol, time becinta asyik ke sana,dah beranak ni kurang sket..
me,too..tgh plan nak buat bilik for Adam..InsyaAllah bila tugas terbengkalai I siap..huhuhuhu :)

Actually,I'm not into susah nak jaga,most of furniture beli color oak/black..

ala,u creative kan..try lah..

mane ade,most IKEA things yg I beli murah2 aje tau!
plus beli sekt2 lama2 jadik bukit..
a'a hows ur house deco??
dah finish?whats the concept?
mesti cun kan..

kalau ada big budget mmg syok gile hias rumah kan..
best nye kalau dapat duit "terjatuh"..huhuhu..sakan boley borong!

Nadine said...

love Ikea too, unfortunately belum ada own place to deco. slalu pegi ikea beli stuff for our room je since itu je space kitaorg wat masa ni..hihi.

rajin tul nadia ni masuk contest. All the best dear!! :)


surely u mesti be in the same ship like us too..
ala mesti tak sabar nak deco bila dh ada new
u pun sama creative..mesti cantik ur deco plus idea from en hubby jgak kan....

actually Nad, I tak join lagik pun..cuma excited aje!
dah bgtau en hubby,nanti parah lah dia kena tolong I..hihiihi

mummy_adam said...

comingg.. i'm the ikea big fanz too ;) good luck..


tqtq..u too jom join!!

paij188 said...

I am A IKEA FREAAAKKKKKK!!!!! kadang2 tiap2 minggu pegi ngan dotter. like 20 minutes drive frm home, here in Dubai. Wheeee!!!!


waa..lagi best tiap2 minggu pergi..
kat mane2 pun IKEA mmg dihati semua org..kuat betul penangan IKEA ni kan :)

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