Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fun learning using flashcards..

One of the good ways to help kids recognize alphabets, numbers or words by using flashcards. I love flashcards. Indeed its a useful tool to help kids in recognize and remember numbers and alphabets. Started to use flashcards ever since Adam small, I think around 1 year plus kut. But after attending Mama Ct's class on early learning workshop few months back, I met few friends who started to introduce flashcards since their babies were 2-3 months. Seriously. They even used flashcards yg words tau, the one from 'baby can read' kit. Oh dear. I know I was far far behind that time. I thot like 2-3 months, apelah sgt baby tahu kan. I was totally wrong. 

Currently, I have few sets of flashcards at home. Yang sekarang tengah pakai is the one to help Adam on reading using the Key Words flashcards by Ladybird. It helping actually specially those book that need exercises to make sentences.

And the new collection of flashcards my kiddos have now are Arabic and Iqra flashcards that we bought from Qaiser Darussalam Bookstore recently. Previously, we have set of Arabic words flashcards, self made by mom. After a while, faham2 je lah apa jadi kan. Glad that I found these colorful flashcards to replace the old one. Honestly, its hard to get those flashcards (Arabic and Iqra) in the market, and kalau ada pun tak secomel yg I jumpa ni..

Arabic flashcards..

And my 2 kiddos enjoyed playing and learning with these new flashcards too..

Huruf ape tu Ryan?
"Ayiff" - pelat version of Ryan!

Overall flashcards Arabic ni, ada semua huruf kecuali Lam Alif and Hamzah. Sebab dia pakai yg standard huruf punya, takde 2 huruf tu. The flashcards pun imported and quality of cards memang cantik. Tips of using flashcards to kids 1-3 years ni, bagi je diorang pegang and main. Sampai lunyai pun takpe..Sooner or later, dia ingatlah tu. Biasalah mak2 kan, sayang takut renyuk lah kan...Apa susah, bila koyak ke renyuk, beli lain..
Murah je pun =) This is link on tips to use flashcards to kids.

Selain tu, involvement parents pun penting nak tunjuk ajar for kids. For babies plak, just flip the cards to them sambil sebut huruf2 tu. InsyaAllah, soon u will realize diorang dah start recognize bnyk perkataan. Sekarang ni pun tengah practice for Ryan, see how the improvement to him to recognize Arabic words plak...

While Adam more excited using the Iqra flashcards. The flashcards are both sided with great quality paper and nice illustrations. 

Just found out that  learning will be more easier when I told Adam to teach Ryan..
Kan senang, mommy goyang kaki monitor aje..=)
*hahaha mommy yg M*

"Ape tu?"

"Da Di Du"

Well, I think I'm not the only mommy who fall in love with those flashcards..
Yeap, during pre-order for Qaiser Darussalam Bookstore recently, I received lot of orders for flashcards too..

Mostly took the set one sebab senang kan, skealigus ada

And set flashcards tu pun sesuai untuk bagi presents..
Currently, I did offered for wrapping service..
Ramai yg order "Now You Are A Mother" book and requested to send for their family and friends..
Lagi nice kalau properly wrap kan..
InsyaAllah, once everything finalized, you all boleh request for wrap *special price given InsyaAllah*
to be posted for your family and friends..
Will try to expedite it, ramai dah tanya.

Thats all for now..
Let's have fun learning with our kids...

ps: Anyone interested to order, feel free to visit this link! Tq!


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mommyNadia said...

Ala Nad..I tertekan remove content, padahal nak tekan view..ololo..

I baru kembang semangkuk u puji color combo tu..
I tgh try color combo with ribbon, ingat nak mintak comment readers, haish segan plak..

Nanti once finalized I publish entry..ada more suprise waiting!! =)

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