Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Her World "Create Memories with Mum" Getaway..

I guess, this would be my 1st getaway after almost 6 months delivery, what a great mommy-day-out!!

Guess where am I darlings??

Located at Aman Rimba, Janda Baik, Her World Magazine has organized a one-day-unique workshop for mommies & daughters in a great outdoor activity with collaboration of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical (GSK) for MMA (Malaysian Medical Association) HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens. The "Create Memories with Mum" workshop which presented opportunity to expose and educate the participants on how importance to stay healthy and protect against cervical cancer, also provided other exciting activities sponsored by ORIGINS and Victoria Jackson.

Again, thank you very much to Nuffnang, who gave chance to blogger mommies to take part in this informative workshop. There are Shilashower, Ceeramoon, Submerryn, Viruspadu, Foxyfarah, Perempuan Jomblo, Kak Ina KL, Madammondoq, Mommaholicsuri, Nadine and yours truly aka mommynadia. *Owh mungkin ada nama saya tertinggal, sila inform taw!*

Aman Rimba Estate, Janda Baik..A great escapade!

As early as 8 am, we had gathered at Blu Inc Media, PJ and been transported to Janda Baik by bus which took around 1 hour journey. *Excited kami semuanye, macam dah rombongan sambil belajo Cik Kiah jadiknye!*

Sempat lagi posing dalam bus!

Reached Aman Rimba, we were directed to nicely decorated tent, white & green theme, which served yummy breakfast nasi lemak and lontong. * Sakan I makan, lapo katanye sebab lambat breakfast!!* Meantime, the organizer started to distribute different color ribbons for the first activity of the day, the treasure hunt! *Dah lepas makan katanye, kena bakar lah pulak lemak2 tu!!*

We were randomly divided to 5 groups which consist of mommies, daughters and blogger mommies…

The organizer briefed on the rules of the treasure hunt…

There were 9 tasks given to each group to be solved in 1 hour's time and I tell u, after 9 months preggy plus 5 months after delivery without even single workout, totally make me drained off! *Fuhhh, gugur 2 kg lemak2 kental yang susah nak dihapuskan sebelum ni!! :) The challenging tasks required us to run to the whole estate looking for the clues which more likely related to natural surrounding.*Big gulp!*

Us while searching for the clues..

So sweet to see how mother-daughter worked together to find the clues. *Tak pernah peluang main macam ni dengan my mom huhuhuhu* An hour treasure hunt end up sharp on time and we were give a few minutes to wind off before the next programme.

Later, the main agenda of the workshop which is the talk about "Protecting against Cervical Cancer Together" has taken place and the speech has been delivered by Dr Yap Moy Juan, Consultant O&G of the Fetal Medicine and Gynaecology Centre, Petaling Jaya.

We have been explained clearly about the cervical cancer, HPV and how to protect ourselves from being affected by this disease.

Sadly to know that cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women, killing one woman every two minutes. And it was the third common cancer among Malaysian females after breast and colorectal cancer.*Scared!!*

Basically, the cervical cancer is caused by persistent infection of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and affects women of all ages and backgrounds. Since the cervical cancer is detectable at an early stage and preventable through the vaccination, it is therefore important that all women, including teen girl, be protected against this diseases.

Prevention is better than cure! In a move to alleviate the risk of the cervical cancer among Malaysian women, the Ministry of Health embarked on HPV National Immunisation Programme (NIP) to protect 13 year old girls against the most common strains of cancer-causing HPV since 2010. The MMA HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens which has been launched early of this year is to complement the Ministry's effort and is being spearheaded by MMA with the support of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical (GSK).

Under this programme, teenage girls between 14 to 19 years of age (before 20th birthday) stand to benefit from cervical cancer vaccination where two of the three doses of vaccination will be provided at an access price while the third dose will be provided free of charge to encourage dosing compliance and ensure optimal efficacy. Teenage girls who qualified for the programme will only have to pay RM466 for the first two doses of vaccination and two equal instalments of RM233 upon the administration of the first and second dose vaccine.

The whole vaccination programme will took six months to finish the whole programme, as the vaccine will be administered in three doses. The first doses will be administered at the clinic on a set date, followed by the second dose a month later and the final dose six months later.

This programme will be run from 1st March 2011 till 31st December 2011 beginning with Wilayah Persekutuan on 1st March 2011 and has been extended nationwide commencing 1st June 2011. Good news is, more than 500 clinics on board the MMA HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens to lend a hand in fight against cervical cancer and partnership with further clinics are being negotiated.

But remember!! Parent/guardian will need to sign the Vaccine Registration Form, to enrol the teenagers' girls into this vaccination programme.

Remember!! Pap smear screening test will also help to prevent from the cervical cancer!
*Last week UMSC baru call nak set appointment for pap smear ^-^*

For more info about the MMA HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens, please log on to the Facebook page: *Jom LIKE ramai2!!
* or please dial hotline no 1800 22 8688 which has been set up to facilitate questions revolving around cervical cancer and MMA HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens where public will be advised on these and other related topics by qualified nurse.

Evening session were more on pampering skincare session for the participants, which featured special preview about ORIGINS new product and tips to attain alluring natural looks from the makeup demo by Victoria Jackson.

Representative from the ORIGINS talking about their new Nature's #1 Anti Ager, Plantscription TM.

Plantscription TM by ORIGINS..

Followed by the demo on the right way to apply their serum using Firming and Lifting Massage Guide.

The beauties – mommy bloggers during the evening talk…
Left Nadine, Nuurill and Noe..

The participants getting more excited when the Victoria Jackson took over the mic. Yeap, the make up demo by the VJ make up artist. *As usual, myself terlopong tengok sebab kes nye jarang pakai make up hehehehe*

VJ makeup artist sharing tips to apply makeup within the simple steps using the various products from Victoria Jackson..

Demo on day and night make up using the lovely model from the participants..
* Adeh, terpesona dengan kulit adik ni!*

Range of product from Victoria Jackson..
*Tempting kan??nak satu nak satu!!!*

The best part when we were also giving chance to try those product ourselves with the help from the beauty assistants, started with the ORIGINS product. I love natural product so much. The smell is so fresh and natural.

Us practising the firming and lifting massage..
*huhu jangan tak tenyeh yer ladynoe!*

The next pit is Victoria Jackson make up booth. Everyone grabbed the chances to get done by the make up artist.

Foundation, blusher and lipstick..
Yeap,that was truly me!!

Final event was a prize giving time. The most waited moment by the participants. Each of winners will bring home VJ product for the 1st place winners and ORIGINS product for 2nd place winners. *Berbaloi juga hasil penatlelah siang tadi* Hmmm…drum roll pleazzzz!!

1st place won by the yellow ribbon team…
*owh ini group madam!Jeles jeles, mereka dapat VJ product..Apa pun tahniah yellow team!!*

2nd place won by the orange ribbon..
*hmm hmmm…which is my team..yeha!!*

Before move back to KL that evening, our last but not least aka blogger mommies favourite activity …the photoshoot session!!

Nadia, Nuurill and Nadine..the triple N!

From left: Viruspadu, Kak Ina KL, Ceeramoon, Madammondoq, yours truly and Mommaholicsuri…

The fabulous blogger mommies and the nuffies..

Everyone from the workshop..

Thanks again Nuffnang, GSK, Her World Magazine, and all the sponsors for this fabulous informative gateway.
We really had tons of fun!!

Remember my previous teaser??

yeay!! The lovely pink herworld goodie bag content ellips hair care product, VJ eye shadow palette and ORIGINS miniatures…for every participants!
*terbaeeekkk!!, I sukeee!!*

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post!


madammondoq said...

wah.. bukan main suke lagi yek dapat goodies bag tu.. hehe.. btw nice entry!!

Blog Diva said...

bestnya!!! jeles betul.haha

Blog Diva said...

p/s:eh lawa la wardrobe(eh?) putih yg blkg beg her world tuh.. from ikea ke?

Nadine said...

hey nad! ur entry ape kurangnya. best ok! keep it up the good writing, mommy!

i have fun that day with u n nuurill from ur parking lot sampailah ke janda baik and balik semula ke parking lot u!!

tq so much too jadi teman pumping I and sharing all those tips. much appreciated! :)

p.s: lepas ni ade rezeki we avoid the gabra-ness of d last minute entry k. kenangan betul! hehe

mommaholicSURI said...

Babe!! Nice entry!! :) I'm glad that i chose to join you girls that day. It was a very very nice program. Good place, good exercise, good food.. ngeh ngeh.

I plan to post up my entry too.. argh.. malam ni.. mesti!! :)

Merryn said...

It was a fun outing :)

mommynadia said...

hish kalau menang mcm madam,mahu 10kali lompat bintang!!!

mommynadia said...

Teh the diva,

mmg best sgt,sila jeles ye!

Tajam sungguh mata mommy adam ni yer?
Yup,watdrobe ikea,tapi yg murah je tu..
Patut nak color dark nrown,takde stock plak time tu.taram je lah.bagus jgak,bilik jadik cerah n luas!!

Tak sabo nk tvk hasil kretiviti pn diva hoas rmah nanti.

mommynadia said...

tq.but ye still far far away quality nak compare u n the rest.*humble*
Yup,hopefully next time no more last min work!

Yeap,me too enjoy sgt join event ni.mmg sesekali teringat kat hubby n anak kat rumah,timbul rs bersalah.bila balik rumah,tgk diorang happy.hilang rs gusar.hehhee

I pun kgum u komited to bf.caiyyok Nad!!

mommynadia said...

yup,mmg tak pernah frust kan with all nuffnang event.tip top.harap2 lepas ni dapat lagik ek.heheheh.
Kali ni kita car pool Nadine plak.hehehehe

Caiyyok gurl,tak sbr nk tgk pic u plak!!

mommynadia said...

yes dear.really enjoy the event so much!!

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