Wednesday, May 19, 2010

extended breastfeeding.. what say u??

Seriously I was so stressed and tired this few weeks..
Pressure to submit my thesis plus workload at office (but yet still not as high as KLCC pun..)
But seriously tahap kemalasan ni mmg sgt memuncak!
Bila dah badan pun rasa malas2, banyak yg of it is breastfeeding!

Sangat penat bila lately nih Adam suka sangat hang at my B , tahap sampai I feel like nak surrender..
So tired, balik keje, at 9pm dah start nak hang..
It can be worst bila kul 11 dia dah start carik2 lagik..
He can hang still overthere for1-2 hours..and few times till 3-4 am
Sakit betul badan sb mengiring..
Sampai kadang2 tak larat sangat, I asked my hubby to remove him a side..
Sometimes come to worst Adam boleh jadik cranky at night sb I tak nak layan dia bf...
Kalau weekend..MasyaAllah..every 2 hours mesti duk menepek2 at my B..
Ya Allah..nape aku jadik malas sangat ni..
Entah mana hilang semangat nak bf till 2yrs..
Sb Adam tak suka fm, the reason I still bf him..

Ape ni Nadia!!!
Wake up,wake up!!
Not only till 2 yrs..I have to extend more..
There were many benefits of it!!

I just read thru 1 article which is so informative and it really motivate me right now..
Yeap, motivating me from hanyut dengan kemalasan I ni..
Thanks Mama Miya for such a great entry and article..
*credit to u..I'm one of ur good follower right now!

Feel free to read guys..

Extended Breastfeeding -- Handling the Criticism

 If it's working for you and your child, and your mothering instinct tells you it's right -- it's right! In my opinion, you're a health-savvy, modern mom, and it seems that your friends and relatives are old-fashioned and misinformed. As a pediatrician and parent, it grieves me to hear well-meaning critics ask a breastfeeding mother, "You're still nursing?" Know that you're actually making a wise, long-term investment in your child's health. Here are a few things to remember that will help you handle any unwarranted criticism:

Science is on your side. I have read many medical journals with articles proving the long-term health benefits of breastfeeding. The incidence of many illnesses, both childhood and adult, are lowered by breastfeeding -- diabetes, heart disease, and central nervous system degenerative disorders (such as multiple sclerosis) to name a few. The most fascinating studies show that the longer and more frequently a mom nurses her baby, the smarter her child is likely to become. The brain grows more during the first two years of life than any other time, nearly tripling in size from birth to two years of age. It's clearly a crucial time for brain development, and the intellectual advantage breastfed babies enjoy is attributed to the "smart fats" unique to mom's breast milk (namely, omega-3 fatty acid, also known as DHA). From head to toe, babies who breastfeed for extended periods of time are healthier overall. They tend to have leaner bodies with less risk of obesity. They also have improved vision, since the eye is similar to the brain in regards to nervous tissue. They have better hearing due to a lower incidence of ear infections. Their dental health is generally good, since the natural sucking action of the breastfed infant helps incoming teeth align properly. Intestinal health is also much better than those of non-breastfed babies, as breast milk is easier to digest, reducing spit-up, reflux, and constipation. A toddler's immune system functions much better since breastmilk contains an immunoglobulin (IGA) which coats the lining of the intestines, which helps prevent germs from penetrating through. Even the skin of these babies is smoother and more supple.

World opinion is on your side. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially recommends mothers breastfeed until three years of age. (Yes, you did read that right!) Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends mothers should breastfeed "at least until one year of age and then as long as baby and mother mutually want to."

It's better for your health. Extended breastfeeding reduces the risk of uterine, ovarian, and breast cancers. Breastfeeding women also have a lower incidence of osteoporosis later in life.

It's better for your toddler's behavior. We have many extended breastfeeders in our pediatric practice, and I have noticed that breastfed toddlers are easier to discipline. Breastfeeding is also an exercise in baby reading, which enables a mother to more easily read her baby's cues and intervene before a discipline situation gets out of hand. Nursing is a wonderful calming tool on days when Mom needs to relax and to stave off an impending toddler tantrum.

Blame it on your doctor. I have noticed that one of the easiest ways to silence critics is the phrase: "My doctor advised me to." You can go on to explain that your doctor told you about all the recent research extolling the benefits of extended breastfeeding.

Let your child silence the critics. Once your friends and relatives see the benefits of your breastfeeding bond, your growth as a mother, and the emotional, intellectual and physical health of your child, they will serve as convincing testimonies to the value of extended breastfeeding.

And I got more info at babycentre too..
Which is good for us too...

InsyaAllah I will try my best till Adam weaning -off himself!
But maybe after 2yrs, I need to start introduce him with fm at his daycare..
So that tak delah pressure mommy nak pumping lagi..
But if stop pumping terus pun, nanti kurang plak susu...
Nanti lah..pikir balik..
Atau nak kena mintak pump baru..baru semangat balik..
*berangan kejap ke pump color kuning yg dah lama menarik perhatian ku!!
Boleh ke gtu??
En hubby ..tolong komen sket..;)

* they got contest too..stand to win medela freestyle..bestbest!!


Mek Rose said...

ooo adam tamo FM ye? si rafiq plak suka FM tapi abis naik gatal2 satu badan. tu sy keep on pumping. tak sanggup u tgk anak gatal2 kene alahan camtuh! sy pernah bagi FM sbb pernah jd susu merudum teruk satu ketika dulu...takut anak lapar cubala gatei2 bagi FM..tup2 anak alahan teruk susu lembu! maybe itu hikmah..Allah nak sy teruskan BF rafiq secara exclusive!

go Nadia..go! teruskan pumping...see..byk kelebihan ibu yg menyusukan anak. terutama bab2 leh elak/jauhkan penyakit2 berbahaya tu!

eh..itu pam idaman kalbu juga...tunggu next baby kot..wakakakka..matila hubby marah beli sbb dah ade 2 pam skang..tapi tetap guna manual avent. pam electric Ameda dual pump tu wat lwa je..ahaha

mommynadia said...

sian ek Rfiq allergy susu lembu..
tp dah pernah try soy milk jgak?tp ada yg kata for baby boy tak elok kan..
takpe lah..teruskan usaha for bf k!

mmg dari dulu lagik duk duka kat medela tu,tp ramai yg suggest suh try spectra..ok aje..cuma suka yg freestyle nih sb dia cute mute mcm swing jgak!

nadia pun ada 2,satu kat office satu spare kat dua2 mmg fully utilized..
tu yg duk berangan kalau boleh dpt freestyle tu..
tp buat masa ni tak kut..
tgu bila dah conceive 2nd baby...boleh buka tabung kumpul duit..huhuhu ;)

Unknown said...

go go nadia! dont give up!
Still ingt 1st time borak dgn nadia about bf ni. ingt lagi tak, ms tu kat kantin casting. mmg ingt words nadia "bf ni kena commited".. so, as a sifu, dont give up k. nanti ramai plak anak-anak murid yg suam2 kuku je nanti..hehehe

Nadine said...

"extended breastfeeding...what say u?"


U have the privileges, u proved us you can do it all this while so why stop, right? Hopefully u'll find the alternative to make Adam less hanging on ur B or to make u less tired. Chaiyo! :)

Hanis MY said...

so informative..even though not in the mommy club lagi hehe.. thanks Nadia..

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Salam kenal Nadia..

Sy izu, kawan Nuurill n Nadine..;) Selama ni dok skodeng je blog u..hihi sori..sbb n3 ni la i tpanggil nk say hi to u..

Nway, i;m impressed with u. even u r working u still bf ur baby n rajin pumping..bagus. so i also think u shud continue bf ur baby until lbh 2thn..

Like me, i'd bf my 1st ank smpi dia 2thn 5bln..tu pon benti sbb dpt adik..during 2wks of my confinement i had to bf 2 girls..hehe..syukurla pastu dia bley accept jgk fm akhirnya stlh mcm2 usaha tlh dbuat..:D

Now, i;m still bf her adik..she's already 1 yr n housewife, so rugi la klu tk trus bf kn! kira i pon mcm u jgk la berhrp dpt bf dia smpi at least 2thn..klu tade adik bleyla continue smpi lbh 2thn..:D

Ok, Chayok..:)(sori pjg plak komen ni.:))

mommaholicSURI said...

Nadia, malas tu musim2 je kan? maybe Nadia tengah banyak bende nak pikir at a time... kene saaaaaaabar sikit nih... hehe.. dun give up k.

Insya Allah kalau Nadia dapat bertahan, nanti bila one by one dah settle..hah! punyalah bangga sebab still teruskan bf adam kan? :)

Nadia still pumping kan? Nuurill rasa.. ni maybe cadangan jelah, Nadia kene train Adam minum susu Nadia but from botol bila waktu2 critical yg Nadia nak rest sket ke.. waktu Nadia nak wak assignment ke.. ke Adam xmo bottle langsung bila Nadia ada? Sebab now, Oman pun macam tu.. dia dah start Nuurill train ikut bottle. Tapi waktu2 kritikal jelah.. waktu Nuurill nak buat mende lain.. sebab kalau ikut diorang mmg every 2 hours.. dah pandai selak2 kat situ. Hehehehehe

mommynadia said...

hahaha..jangan terhasut dgn hasutan tak elok ni..
biasalah ala mood swing jugak ni kut ;)

tq for da supports!
yeap!think sb dia tak sihat this few hopefully back to normal again..

mommynadia said...

tq..yup,semangat itu yg kita cari..hehehe ;)

Hi Izu..
thx for dropping by..
glad to get response from those yg dah exceed the 2yrs gate..congrats neway!
caiyok!!*for myself..

neway Izu,I hv visited ur blog..but I think u hv another one which is ur private blog ait?

mind if u sharing wit me..boleh kenal ur 2 lil princess..;)

feel free to dropby again dear ;)

mommynadia said...

thx for speak up my mind..;)
mmg sgt serabut tu yg bercampur gaul kut..
ntah angin dr mane dtg..tiba2 mood swing plak ;)

I wish I could train him thru bottle dia mmg tak nak kalau Nadia kalau Adam ngan nadia,sayang plak nak pakai stock yg simpan for his daycare..
betul Nuurill,dah pandai selak2 sendiri tau!

neway dear,keep bfeeding Oman till 2yrs and above too k!!

Anonymous said...

i pun slalu emo aje..hahha..

anyway, by now u should start intro sippy cup & later at age 2 dah minum pakai cawan.

so maybe lepas ni dia boleh mula accept freshmilk, goatsmilk, juice & other liquid..selain EBM.

also kalau dia tak nak FM, tak nak try bg pasturized goatsmilk or FM Goatsmilk. properties dia almost cam breastmilk, kejap aje badan bleh to FM cowsmilk or soyabased.

but kalau u mampu & masih bersemangat nak pam susu after anak dah 2yrs old. teruskan bekalkan EBM (tp dah big boy, so suh dia minum dlm cup :D). then at home direct feeding.

as for me, i am ok with miya having whatever other kids are having at daycare & breastfeeding kat rumah aje. tempat lain tokleh. even most of the time, tak mau pun bf kat luar rumah time jalan2 or visiting rumah org. i dont mind coz anak dah mula depend on solid food as nutri source, but at the same time masih dpt benefits from breastmilk.


mommynadia said...

Hi Mama Miya,
welcome to piece of me..;)
btw what shud I call u dear??

Adam mmg kalau kat nursery dia guna cup utk minum..
I hv posted 1 entry before bila Adam started weaning off from bottle..ingtkan dia tak nak minum dah...rupanya he's no longer intrested with bottle..instead the daycarer gv him sipped from cup..
*thx to farrahim !
tp at home he's fully bf, sb I sayang nak used my stock!

so whenever Adam with me..dia akan bf aje ngan kat luar ke mane2 ke main selak aje..hish!

I shud starts to intro him with those fresh milks too when he reach 2..
but mybe I will c'tnue pumping to sustain the milk prod..

btw ur Miya dah nak masuk 2 its shud be ok lah kan kalau u mmg tak bekalkan dia dgn ur ebm anymore..

neway glad to hv u here ;)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Hi Nadia..:)

bley my blog biasa2 je tau.:D

u bg ur email here nti i invite u k..

Anonymous said...

salam...nice blog....i doakan u berjaya dalam bfeed journey u..i suke tgk org yg breasfeed.... feel free to visit my blog..for more info on breastfeeding,parenting,etc....

mummy_adam said...

go for it dear :)

adam dah 2thn, tp i xkan stop dia bf, mcm u ckp i pun akan biar adam weaning off himself.

mommynadia said...

dear Izu, Cery and Ena..
thinks there's something wrong with the blogspot..I cant moderate all of ur precious comments..
hilang mcm tu aje bila I approve..

neway from my email i can read ur comments..thank God.

ala,tak sabar nak tgk ur lil princess..

this is my email

neway u pun mcm nadine jgak..terrer masak..
mesti best bolley gathering ngan u all..makan mesti sedap2! ;)hehehe

tq ;)

mommynadia said...

thx for visiting my blog!
dah visit urs pun ;)
yeap very informative..boley la ajar I nak increase breastmilk ngan product shaklee ek?

congrats..dah smp garisan 2yrs..c'tinue bf k!
caiyyok ;)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

hehe it's ok...nway, i dh invite you..baru je skjp ni td.;)

Ala, still amatur i masak biasa2 je..xsama taraf mcm Nadine lg..dia dh pro! hehe..

P.S Suka btul tgk ur son tu, bam2 sguh!:D

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

eh lupe, i'll link ur blog to mine ok. Tq in advanced!:)

mommynadia said...

tak sabar nak kenal ur 2 lil princess ;)

hehehe kalau u level amatur..I level bdak sekolah tau!!

nice to meet u ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Mommy Nadia,

Saya Izyan, just blogwalk jer nie. Besh bacer entry nie. Saya pon kerja and still breastfeed anak saya. Anak saya baru 7 months.

Kuatkan semangat yer Mommy Nadia. Insya Allah, apabila niat kiter baik, segala masalah dapat diselesaikan, dan akan dipermudahkan...:D Memang pressure nak pump susu, especially biler kerja tak menentu masa, and busy nak mampus. Tapi, kiter kena kuatkan semangat kiter...:D

Insya Allah, Mommy Nadia akan berjaya menyusukan anak Mommy Nadia sehingga 2 tahun...:D

mommynadia said...

Three musketeers,
Hi..thnx for visiting and comment.

Agaknye ari post entry penat sgt and my lil one cranky tak sedap dah ok balik..Alhamdulillah..
InsyaAllah akan teruskan usaha ini dan u too all the best!!

Thara said...

babe, if i have the opportunity and gift as you have now, i would go for it, i seriously would. honestly, i even asked aien haritu about this even before you posted this entry. if i can still rmbr correctly, it went smthn like this :

Me: yang, if i have another baby, and i maintain a good milk supply and aydein is past 2 years old, can i still breastfeed aydein?

Aien : why? 2 tahun cukup lah.

Me : tapi kesian aydein. he didnt get enough breastmilk from me..

Aien : hmm. tengok lah nanti mcm mana.

seriously nadia, go for it for as long as you can! im all behind u in this! :)

RuZaNNa said...

Like other moethers have said.. go for it since you have the previllage.. bukan senang tuhan nak bagi rezeki anak dpt minum natural milk until 2 years..:)
Don't be like me sbb cpt menyerah kalah.. plus keadaan tak mengizinkan.. i was too busy handling life as a 'single parent' sampai dah takde energy nak continue.. so i decided to stop.. plus supply mmg kurang gila2 lepas my mentrual starts..
So since you takde the difficulty.. just vitamin M overdose lately.. teruskan what u've started since u can't tirn back the time.. lepas he's 2 years, u'll never be able to bfeed him back again.. :)

mommynadia said...

dear..means nak kena cepat2 process adik utk Aydein ni ek..
kalau tak tkdan Aydein nak bf ..hehehe..

thanks dear for the support!InysaAlllah I will try to bf till 2 and above ;)

Understand how u feel..mmg time bf ni btul2 nak kena dpt fully support hubby!time day 1 till now,Alhamdulillah harith always be my side..tolong mcm2 nak susukan anak kami ni..
InsyaAllah..nadia doakan next baby ikhwan dah boleh transfer that Anne boleh fully bf too..up to 2yrs and above kan..Amin ;) turning back..
Alhamdulillah semangat dr u all semua nadia dah semangat balik nak bf lil Adam up to 2yrs and above ..

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