Monday, March 22, 2010


21st March 2010 at 11.30pm
Korang pernah jumpa tak entry yg 2 kali update???tak pernah??? haaahhh!!
Kalau tk huh mommy Adam buat :)
Went back from office today, the 1st quest from my silent reader cum the good commentor (ala2 Simon Cowell gtu..papa Adam lah)..asked myself..."why ur entry so simple today??"
owwhh!!.."tak sempat dear.." simple answer..*sigh
dalam hati.."ape taknye,I took only 20 minutes (plus the uploading hasilnye)"
so tonite,after finished all the routine (washed n steam the bottles etc etc)..then I take a look at my entry again...
owwhh...sgt simple..:(
with the perfectionist element inside me..I tried as much to massage back the entry..
tu pun sb I perasan few picture that I missed.. for tokma n che mimi too...:)

plus..additional entry for the motherhood expo too..tot to make a different entry..ala sekalikan ajela :)
so anyone still intrested to read..u r welcome..if not..its up to ur call :)

21st March 2010 1.30pm
"oooo..wahhh!!"...Thats was actually the expression bursted from my lil' munchkin when he saw somethings that amazed him...he just get the word but keep practising almost everyday..
tgk lorry,comuter, ball ..anythings that amazed him..


but this time not because of the vacuum cleaner ..:)

..amazed by air pancut ni hah..
mmg kalau pergi tempat yg ada air pancut atau ape2 yg ada air..berjanggut mommy nak pujuk bwk lari...*sigh
the place is between MV Megamall and The Garden..

look at him..
terconggok macam tgk Disney On Ice aje..:)

readers..please spot my munchkin..:)

..mommy nak pujuk bwk lari pun susah...

..mommy duk entertained his munchkin..
witness by che mimi..:)

We were at MV cum The Garden last weekend..
Saje2 jalan plus che mimi (my 6months preggy's sis) konon nak survey for Motherhood Expo..
Kalau nk harap other weekend..mmg tak smp..
Everytime the word MV spelled from my mouth..En Hubby dah tarik muka..
So happy actually bila ada The parking dia boleh tahan lah..
so mmg tak kisah jalan stakat g MV tu..(alah time peggy 9 months pun bolley..ini kan skrang!!)

Talking about the Motherhood Expo..
Seriously it such a boring expo..*sigh
I was expectin' more actually..maklumla 1st time sampai..
30%-40% exhibitor aje yg jual barang2 baby..
Others more on insurance and stem cell..*sigh..u all ada pergi tak??
I think mothercare sale lagik best!!
plus the stroller yg I beli tu much more cheaper than displayed there..owwhhh!!

I just went to few shop..such Heinz and nestle..tu pun sb stock cereal Adam dah habis..kalau tak awal lagi dah cabut!!
I mmg pergi lambat, might be missed few of the programs,but overall not as what i was expected next one on August..for sure tak nak pegi!!
malas nak kena kejar ngan insurance people and the groiller..(betol ke spell??)
to those yg takde peluang nak pergi..some of the pix..:)

5th Motherhood Expo MV

Unfortunately ada Alice In Wonderland movie promotion kat concourse MV..
so we grabbed oppurtunity to snap n snap pic..(even Adam was so cranky sb boring!!)


che mimi and hubby

the lil munchkin..

..he scared when we left him over there..


then we take a rest at The Garden Club lounge...
seldom went over there..membership pun dah almost expired :(

pls say that the angle is wrong..thus yours truly nampak chubby + gemuukkk..:)

..finished for weekend update..
we had a great weekend even Adam duk cranky sb tired and sleepy :)
sorry for such a quick and simple update..
mommy will  a lil bit tight this week wit audit n training..:(
till then..mmmuuuaahhhsss


Thara said...

guess what? aydein has that Mummy's Super Little Man shirt, exactly like adam's! :D

zahira said...

nadia, mimi EDD bila?


yup,its from mothercare..ada satu lagi yg for daddy punye kan..??
ada sale..tak silap 40% kan..but the material is cotton 100%.. best!!I loike..:)
nih boley plan pakai same2..mesti cute :)


mimi due on July..middle kut..:)
baby dah start tendang..lagi kuat bila Adam menjerit kt tepi perot dia!hahaha..
baby dia tension!!


Oman suka air pancut jugak!
Adam ni kan sangat yummy tau!!
geram tgk kegebuan dia. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

yah...beli maclaren jugok ke atlast..?? kang ramai org sangat pakaa...tak glamer..ngehngehhh....:P
dulu ingat nak amik pattern camtu jugak...pastu pk balik...dianyer hood kat atas tu merah menyala...takot tak elok untuk mata tak jadi amik....tapi pattern die lawo....


I think bb n todds mmg suka tgk kira air pancut ke,air kolam ke..ape2la..
dekat Laman Seri pun nice kan..
kalau pergi sane bekejar lah ngan Adam jawabnye..
nak main air..huhuhu:)
haha,Nadia selalu gigit pipi dia!awww!!

Hi Pn Anony..
haha..ingatkan sape lah Anonymous ni..Ibu Aimy rupenye..panggil Nony ah ke awak!!
mmg pun mek..kalau g shopp' complex tu penuh sedara mare en McL tu..gerak sket jupe sepupu,gerak sket ade adik beradik..huhuhu..
sb ringan ambe amik je sale 25% kat mothercare,biasa dia bg 15% nak clear stock..amik aje lah..
dah Abg Adam nak beli Volo Eim dak leh..:( huhuhu..
mari ah sokmo bloh ambe neh!!
jgn senyap aje...;)

RuZaNNa said...

I heard the samething about the parenthood expo sux.. takpe la.. at least pergi kan.. if not u would always wonder how was it.. hehehe

Btw, comel sungguh tgk adam duduk terkangkang depan fountain tuh..mcm layan perasaan sorg2.. hahaha

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

cutenye..Owwwhhh..expression tu cute betul.eheheh

ye ke nad? sib baik tak p..ingat nak p jugak..if lebih kepada benda lain mmg la tak bes kan..


ye next time takde lah nak bersesak lagik..u pergi jgak??
a'a Anne..siap termenung panjang duk nengok fountain tuh..:)

mmg Rose..kalau u dengar mesti nak tergelak..:)
mak Nadia asyik gelak bila dgr ber "ooo..waaahhh"!!

my opinion la..ada yg nadia dgr diorang ckp diorang maybe join activity lain..nadia just pergi tgk gerai2 tu aje..tu boring!

Nadine said...

Adam!! guwamnye tgk dia. Bleh plak dia duk elok je kat situ. Cuteness! :)

Mmg tak best eh motherhood expo tu? Few friends been saying the same thing too. Nasib I last minute tak jadi pegi, divert to OU instead. Hihi.

Nadia!! jelesnyer you dah ambil gamba kat AIW nye props tu. I nak sgt pegi amik gamba kat situ tp tak terpegi2 lagi midvalley. Tp I dh tgk AIW! I have to work until 10pm at thursday so on friday my proj manager bg time-off half day. terus pegi dating ngan hubby i petang tu tgk wayang. hik!

btw, i heart all the photos kat situ. cantik2! :)


betol Nadine tk best!mmg tk de pun car seat yg u nak cari tuh :(

OU takde props AIW ke??
wah best nye dah far how many star?
U know..I plan for half day leave next week..
nk g dating tgk AIW..aww!!--maafkan mommy Adam!
n actually bnyk lg I snapped pic..nanti I make entry once dah g tgk...
JD here I come..:)

Nadine said...

Err..kitaorg jln kat new wing, takde pun props AIW.

Best! Ni Alice dah besar, so agak diff cerita dia dr Alice yg kita tgk masa kecik2 dulu. Pegila.

Tp I tak tgk 3D punye sbb dia start lewat sgt. Takut terlepas maghrib n balik lambat. I bg 4 I agak bias yer since I am a die hard fan of Johnny Depp! ngeee :D

Iye ke..alright. I'll wait for it ;)


4stars?!!tak sabar nak tengok..
hope my boss release my cuti ..ngehngeh:)
tak kisah lah 3D ke tak..asal jalan cite best..

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