Friday, November 8, 2013

Mama At Work : "Featured Mama" for Month of Nov 2013..

Salam all. Am so sorry for the long silence. My lil' bambam not so well, having fever for almost 5 days and the viral spread to his mommy now. Sob! *cough cough*

Anyway, I have lot of things to share. *seriously bnyk sgt* Let me start with this first. Have u ever heard about Mama At Work? Let me share something about this!

Mama At Work is a social enterprise established in 2012 by mothers for mothers. Their main mission is to provide resources and support for working mothers via an online portal, providing honest and independent, user submitted reviews of daycares, hospital and medical facilities, confinement resources, lactation consultants, babies & children stores, and many more. Mama At Work also envisions to be the voice of working mothers in Malaysia to make a change in the workplace, enabling women to become more responsible caregivers for their family, while continuing to contribute to the economy.

Mama At Work was established by the two former colleagues turned stay-at-home-moms. They chose to  embark on a different path and are now the full time primary caretakers of their lovely children. They are Anna Karina (left) and Nadiah Muhamad Noor (right) *yeap we have almost similar name*

From facebook page, Mama At Work start be more serious on this lane with the establishment of their official website Honestly, the website is so lovely with lots of useful info for all mothers out there. From breastfeeding info, directory for child care and preschool,  to early child development article and tips, everything within your finger tips. 

All you need to do is to register and yeay!!
Starts reading and find all useful info and tips over there..

Oppps! Hold on..
Every month, Mama At Work will feature a working mom to be at their website through the e-interview. So far, they already have Sarah Ong (who is the Child Sleep Consultant) and Hunny Hatim aka Hunny Madu (who is the DJ and TV presenter).

For month of November, the Featured Mama for Mama At Work is..
It was me!! *malu tutup muka*
Yes, I was chosen to be their featured mama for this month. Thank you so much Mama At Work for this opportunity and I'm so overwhelmed!
To read more, kindly visit this link!

Mommies, do visit their website, and like their facebook page for any latest update.
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DYatie said...

Wah!!! Congrats dear. Hari ni jugak nak register! Heehhe.

famyGirl said...

Congrats Nadiah!!! Nak kena mintak autograph ni sbb dah jadi celebrity heeheehee. You look lovely in the picture, Masya Allah :)

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Amboiii congrats beb ;) I didn't know you have a Masters? Perghh :D Hope your dreams of opening up an early learning center comes true! Now I know a little bit more about you hehe!

Fazrol said...

Untuk father tak ada ke? ha ha..

Putri Mariam Abd Aziz said...


lama giloss tak jumper.....

bila baby girl pulak nii

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