Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dumex Quality and Safety Commitments

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As parents, we always look the best for our children. Especially when it comes to provide the nutritious and healthy foods for their growth and brain development. One of the major formula milk manufacturers for range of products that are nutritious and healthy for children in Malaysia is Danone-Dumex. As their vision to always put child's healthy and safety first, Dumex never compromise their commitment on safety and quality issue. Through their 5 + 3 Quality and Safety commitments which have been implemented at their factory, this is to assure all Malaysia parents that Dumex quality and safety process are very stringent and at world class standards. Have you ever wonder on how they produce the milk and handle the quality and safety aspects? If yes, let me give you a tour to their factory to get to know more details on this.

The 5 existing quality commitments which have been implemented over the years as the core quality steps at Dumex factory, including other 3 new extra commitments which just introduced recently. The 5-Steps Quality Assurance Program including Rigorous Testing,  State at the Art of Manufacturing, Extreme Sanitation & Hygiene, Accreditation and Tracebility are very important to ensure that every product produced by Dumex are safe to be consumed by the children and mothers. These including 1000 tests running for every product with every pack will go through the X-ray process to ensure safety and quality always be the no 1. As safety measure, each pack come out from the factory have their individual unique code for easy traceable when any problem related with their products triggered. They also put cleanliness as their first priority at their factory through regularly sanitation and sterilization activity to avoid contamination to their raw materials and also the final products produced there. These quality and safety activities not only certified internally within their management, but also accredited by the recognized bodies. 

The 3 extra commitments which newly introduced at Dumex factory which include control of raw material from the suppliers through close monitoring activity to ensure safety and quality achieved, extra commitments to parents through 24/7 careline and also continual innovations to elevate industry standard. These additional steps taken into current quality and safety aspects to ensure that all areas have been effectively monitor.

The 5 + 3 quality and safety aspects which have been explained earlier are translated into this video.

I'm so impressed to see the control and assurance aspects which have implemented at this manufacturing plant. Its not that easy to achieve this high standards of quality without commitments from all their staffs. How I wished to have chance to visit their plant one day =)

Other than that, Dumex also taking initiative to approach all parents in Malaysia through their 24/7 care line by the phone calls and also from the official Danone Dumex Facebook and website to answer all questions from the worried parents related with Dumex products and any problem related with children growth and nutritious foods from their Care line advisors.

Surfing around their lovely website with many questions threw by the parents, my eyes caught with few questions by the concerned mothers. Through this informative website, at the same time we are educating our selves on the right info and nutritious foods that we should take for our children and specially when we are expecting too.


Yea..and things that we should avoid too..>.< *wink*

I'm so impressed to see how the Dumex staffs including their Quality Manager also take charge in responding to all the questions highlighted. I love their concept at this website through their slogan "Real Questions, Real Answers", whereby there will be no hidden answers. Its about straight forward answers and 100% openly. Visit them now and throw as many questions you want to ask them, they will get back to you soonest as possible.

We are so lucky nowadays there are so many platforms provided for us to clear all that nagging our heads and the best part its will be answered by the expertise on that area. For new mothers-to-be and mothers as well, get your selves the correct info and knowledge for us to enjoy and cherish motherhood to the fullest!

 Till then =)

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