Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's welcome new Baby Qhaleefah by Qaiser Darussalam ..

Congratulations Qaiser Darussalam!!
Can't wait for the new facelift of Baby Qhaleefah and we hope for more exciting and fun things inside the box!
Keep up the good work QD!


New Business Takeover and The New Face lift of Baby Qhaleefah

Salam brothers and sisters! In conjunction with our launch yesterday, we also announced our new business takeover of the Baby Khalifah interactive learning series (now known as Baby Qhaleefah), the apps and all the products We are now rebranding all the products under Qaiser Darussalam Alhamdulillah.
The new facelift of Baby Qhaleefah is as shown. Stay tuned for the release of this product soon In Shaa Allah!
Thank you everyone for the continuous dhu’a and support. We truly appreciate it. May Allah SWT reward you and your family for sharing the knowledge and continuing the dakwah In Shaa Allah. We pray to Allah to make our humble effort successful. We also pray to HIM to accept it as an effort done for HIS sake alone and to make it of real benefit to all. For it is ultimately Allah’s acceptance alone that counts, and success is only by HIS will.

Qaiser Darussalam team ♥

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