me, myself..mommynadia..

Hi..I'm Nadia. But u can call me mommynadia..

I'm not a good author or yet a fabulous writer, I just write my own story about my family and my life as a 24/7 wifey to my prince charming Harith Charles and mommy to two adorable heroes, Adam Mikael & Adryan Nufael. We are a 1Malaysia family, and my kids are so lucky to have grandparents from the three races, Malay, Chinese and India. I love motherhood tho the package came with sweet and bitter memories. I believed all those recipes make myself a stronger wifey, mother and caliph. InsyaAllah. I love to share about what I experienced and believed. I love breastfeeding and I've successfully breastfed my son until 2 years and 9 months. And still enjoying this beautiful 'rizq' from Allah with my 2nd son, Adyran. Besides, I also support cloth diapering and babywearing too, and practised natural homemade baby food to my baby. I believed on early learning for kid is very important, and the quote play + learn = fun is so much true.  Motherhood is fabulous and I'm still learning day by day. I trust that a 8-5 & 5 days a week engineer at work still able to enjoy the beautiful life of parenthood although there are some hiccups here and there. This is all fabulous motherhood all about. Happy reading and come sharing with me and others!! ^-^

That's me..wohoo..
* I love this picture as the background hide my actual figure >.< *

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